Ocean Violet

Saint Paul de Vence

France: Part IV – Provence

If you’ve been following our epic French adventure, you’ll know this is part four of five in an overdue yet epic series. ...

Haptic Lab Kite

Go Fly a Kite

Literally not figuratively.

Emily McDowell has heard it all.

Empathy > Sympathy

I'm a huge advocate of anything handwritten, stamped and delivered by the US Postal Service. But when it comes to the ...



When I worked in a more traditional office setting, I engaged in the daily co-worker banter of current events, pop culture ...


Heartbreak Hotel

There are typically two camps when it comes to music therapy during a breakup. There are those who drown themselves in the saddest, most miserable songs available to soothe an achy breaky heart. Or there are those that bathe themselves in the upbeat "eff" him/her to the hottest hell.  ...

light denim jacket


Just like the sun decided to peek her rays of sunshine today,  I too shock you with a fashion post! I haven’t posted ...