Ocean Violet

Pressing Flowers

Have you ever received a delivery of flowers so beautiful you couldn't possibly throw them away? If you have ever wished ...

blurred new york city skyline

Remembering Your Way

With memories, they say if you don't try to remember them then you'll forget. Details begin to fade, names disappear, ...

DNA testing, so romantical!

There is a Better Way

Bridal showers and baby showers typically are the prerequisite of getting married and having a baby. A right of passage if ...

UVP Film Screening of The Artist At the Everson Museum

Urban Cinematheque

By definition: Urban means city, town, metropolis and Cinematheque is defined as a small movie house specializing in ...


Ojo de Dios

This week has had consistent dark skies full of thunder and lighting so I thought I'd bring a little sunshine your way via a very peculiar and interesting artist named Jay Mohler. ...

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A quote or verse to write down and remember for yourself. Or to give as advice/solace if needed.