Ocean Violet
UVP Film Screening of The Artist At the Everson Museum

Urban Cinematheque

By definition: Urban means city, town, metropolis and Cinematheque is defined as a small movie house specializing in ...


Ojo de Dios

This week has had consistent dark skies full of thunder and lighting so I thought I'd bring a little sunshine your way via a ...

Dan Wetmore IVP160StrattonRose_700


A quote or verse to write down and remember for yourself. Or to give as advice/solace if needed. 


A Day to Yourself

The days began to run together where I couldn't really think. A solid week where I literally could NOT get past my own ...

wall of amazing brows

Brow Beater

Hair, make-up, just overall grooming believe it or not, just isn't in my wheelhouse. I tend to lean on the experts and seek advice from my friends that are doing it right. For this post, I’ve asked my go-to-beauty blogger+ former colleague, Meagan Murphy, to dive into the make or ...

fringe trio

On the Fringe

I recently attended a wedding in the Turks and Caicos that really should be given its own dedicated post. I can't ...