Gifts that Keep on Giving

26 August 2012

Anything ending with “of the month club” conjures memories of Clark Griswold’s famous meltdown in the classic film, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” when his expected holiday bonus check is substituted for a year’s subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club.

The once frowned upon “monthly subscription” has had a bit of a makeover. Things have changed with the Internet delivering personalization and customization to nearly everything.  Cookies, razors, even Kim Kardashian have jumped on board.

Here are a few of my favorites that make for a perfect “gift that keeps on giving.”

perfect morning brew

Craft Coffee:  This will really brighten-up someone’s morning.  The coffee curators handpick 12-ounces of amazing coffee from three different roasters around the country and deliver them each month. Gimmie! Coffee, Four Barrel and Walter Avenue Coffee are just a few on ever evolving roster.

now you have no excuse for showing up empty handed for the next dinner party.

Wine Express: Wine Enthusiast’s Wine of the Month Club.  Anything branded “of the month” admittedly does sound a little lame, but I was on the receiving end of this little gift and I can assure you, it’s anything but.  There are a few options ranging from number of months, types of wine, and price ranges. I was gifted the “Perfect Pair,” a delicious bottle of red and white to my doorstep. It allowed me to experience wines I would have never looked twice at in the store.   Take it from Gary Vaynerchuk,

“Please don’t buy another Pinot Grigio, another Zin, another Pinot Noir, a different kind of a Chardonnay. These are things I want you to look for: Tannat, Chinon, Albarino. You’ve got to try a wine from Cahors, Bandol, from Torrontes from Argentina.”


potions, lotions and even lipgloss.

Birchbox: I wander around Sephora aimlessly spritzing perfume, swiping eyeliner and swirling blush across my face. None of which I ever end up walking out of the store with, I somehow manage to buy the same staple products–with the exception, perhaps, of one shade lighter or darker in lipgloss. Enter, Birchbox . For $10/month their team tests and handpicks beauty products and delivers them to your door. Perfect gift for a girlfriend, bridal party or those who just can’t decide if NARS Orgasm is for her.  Looks like the men might be getting some action soon, too.


bikes, a recurring theme here at OceanViolet.

Papirmasse: Josh Holinaty, Sarah Burwash, Kirsten McCrea  are just a few of the incredible artists featured.  For $5 a month, “Give the Gift of Art” and receive one print with a little note on the back letting you know what it’s all about.  Peruse the site and you just might end up getting one for yourself.  Perfect for a housewarming, new office, or a friend that could use a little color-slash-culture in their life. Featured image by Alan Ganev, another incredible Papirmasse artist.

handpicked by the Olsen Twins, straight to your door.

StyleMint: A T-Shirt handpicked every month and or designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Sign me up. I mean, give it as a gift.  Check out their sister-company JewelMint, in collaboration with the pretty Kate Bosworth, for beautiful  accessories to compliment your new tee.  Both for less than $30 a month.

featured image: Minieco.Uk

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