Artist of Obsession: Lisa Congdon

17 June 2014

Whether it’s a hand-poured custom wax candle or a unique monthly art subscription, I’m always on the hunt for interesting gifts for my friends and family. One shop I’ve been eying for quite sometime is Poketo. Which I found via Instagram iintroduction (such a rabbit hole of inspiration, isn’t it?!) Poketo was born out of the belief that “art is for your everyday,” it started as an online destination and now has a brick and mortar shop in Los Angeles for design-driven wares that take art off the gallery walls and into people’s lives.

Poketo is how I came to learn about my current artist of obsession: Lisa Congdon. Poketo held a gallery opening of her work along with a book signing of her recent book, “Whatever You Are, Be A Good One.” Her illustrations are beyond the typical motivational quotes we see all over the interwebs atop some scenic beach-scape. No, Lisa quotes Marie Curie, Gertrude Stein and Robert Louis Stevenson. They’re  filled with mischief, love, adventure and hints of vintage. I’m not only smitten with her artwork, it’s Congdon’s story that I admire and empathize with as well. Congdon had worked a variety of jobs for the better part of her life but knew something was missing. She’s an avid collector and lover of anything vintage, so she began to blend her interests along with a growing curiosity about illustration and painting.

The Artist: Lisa Congdon

The Artist: Lisa Congdon

This quote during an interview with The Good Life Project pretty much sums it up:

“When you’re not making stuff, there’s this part of you that aches, but you don’t know that’s why it aches.”

I feel ya Lisa.

Lisa now does it all from wallpaper to illustrating books. Her Etsy shop is still going strong too! Here are a few of my favorites:

A glimpse of the art at Poketo in Downtown LA. You can find similar prints in Lisa's Etsy Shop too!

A glimpse of the art at Poketo in Downtown LA. You can find similar prints in Lisa’s Etsy Shop too!

Triangles Wallpaper:  Hygge and West

Triangles Wallpaper: Hygge and West


we shall find peace

we shall find peace

Ferns Wallpaper:  Hygge and West

Ferns Wallpaper: Hygge and West

Featured Image: A mantra I should tell myself more often from Lisa’s collection: “Everything is going to work out.”

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