Basic Training

13 September 2013

New York Fashion Week is winding down and I have been daydreaming of the ball skirts from Delpozo, structured workwear from Lyn Devon and of course, the “Rainbow Warrior Movement,” from Mara Hoffman.  These daydreams are often accompanied with wild thoughts of actual places I’d wear these beautiful outfits.  Maybe I’ll be invited to the Met Gala?  a schmancy restaurant opening,  or perhaps just inspiration for my bridesmaids?

My friend Mike Dang, Editor at the Billfold, wrote an article about “his uniform” discussing his daily ritual of wearing somewhat of a daily uniform so he has one less thing to think about that day.  His uniform is comprised of a white Oxford button-down, dark Levi’s jeans, and Jack Purcell sneakers.  I have to say, Mike always looks pulled together, sharp and well, uniform. In fact, I’ve never actually noticed he was wearing some variation of the same articles of clothing. Which got me thinking, now that I work for myself, I no longer have to stand in front of my closet or mirror for hours picking out what I need to wear but I’d like to step away from wearing my yoga pants + a T-Shirt.  So I’ve tried adopting Mike’s philosophy to wear something easy, chic and doesn’t require an ornate am out of time to orchestrate in the morning.

If I need to dress it up a bit, I’ll put on a pair of heels and a swipe of lipstick.  I think the best thing here is to find out what works best for your body. For me, it’s high-waisted jeans, comfortable heels and a tailored blouse.

My Monday to Friday look: High-waisted Jeans, silk button down, wedges:

typical day

Pictured: J.Brand Maria high-waisted jeans with a neatly stuck in Equipment signature silk blouse. Wedges are a must, heels kill me by 1PM.  Alternatives: BDG jeans, Uniqlo silk top (on sale! I have one in almost every color, buy a size down they run big. For wedges, anything Vince Camuto. These are on my wish-list.

Do you have a uniform? I’d love to hear!

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