Boa Sorte

9 February 2015

Not wanting to add any more musical noise post-Grammy Awards, I’m digging into the archives for one of my favorite songs. Boa Sorte (which means “good luck” in Portuguese) is a duet between Brazilian songstress Vanessa de Mata and musician Ben Harper and is probably one of the most beautiful breakup songs I’ve ever heard. 

Singing in Portuguese, Vanessa is first to be heard on the song. Her lyrics go unnoticed at first, as Portuguese is foreign to me (+ probably to you too). She sings beautifully but there’s definitely a tinge of sorrow. It’s not until you hear Ben translate her lyrics into English do you realize it’s a soulful breakup song.

There doesn’t seem to be any anger in the lyrics, just the defeat of their failed relationship. The lines “I have nothing left to say, it’s only words, and what I feel won’t change,” seem to show us a place we’ve all been. The back and forth, the talking, the words, but in the end, nothing is really said, it’s just words. When there’s nothing more to say, all you can simply bid them adieu and wish them good luck.

E so isso / That’s it
Nao tem mais jeito / There is no way
Acabou, boa sorte / It’s over, Good luck
Nao tenho o que dizer / I have nothing left to say
Sao so palavras / It’s only words
E o que eu sinto / And what I feel
Nao mudara / Won’t change

In related non-musical news: If you haven’t seen any of Brené Brown Ted Talks, may I enlighten you. I was just introduced by a friend to her research and books and they have had a profound impact on me already. Start with the Power of Vulnerability.

Giving credit where credit is due: featured image from Ola Designs watercolor series.


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