Bringing Booty Back

29 July 2014

You know what is utterly exhausting? The constant and relentless strive for perfection.

I am like the stereotypical ant under a magnifying glass, except I’m both the ant and the holder of the magnifying glass. I am wholeheartedly guilty of self inspection. I write this with a hint of shame to be honest. I was struck by my vanity and made acutely aware of this “perfection-pining” a few weeks ago during a routine manicure visit. I had an entire conversation that lasted a solid ten minutes too long with my manicurist about my nail beds and how I might achieve a more “uniform healthy” look to my cuticles.  Not to mention, this was on the heels of a conversation (separate but equally boring) about whiter eyeballs.

Well, the real answer is I should probably lay off the Shellac and go au natural, but how does one stop after I’m in so deep?  I didn’t even realize I had a cuticle problem until I looked for one, but isn’t that the case in all walks of life —  if you look hard enough you’re bound to find something.

This constant inspection led me to a little introspection. Why was I having such a painfully BORING conversation? I could actually hear the words coming out of my mouth and I shivered at my sheer dullness and utter narcissism.

My manicure has since wore off and I’m letting my overly scrutinized nail beds breathe. I’m the proud owner of bare nail nubs and will happily pry open any stubborn lids and do dishes with rigor in hot water.

I’m well aware I need to be more at peace with my imperfections: the scar on my chin and my robust sized behind.  While getting comfortable,  I’ve noticed others starting to accept themselves too, beginning with the beauty industry’s Dove campaign, to consumers and models demanding for less retouching in photoshoots and commercials.

Truth is, we can’t strive for what isn’t real.

I’m going to be my own biggest fan and do my best not to be so critical, of myself and of others. Let’s celebrate our imperfections and shake what our mama gave us.

If you need a little courage, please play my current anthem (but one does beg “when did the booty ever leave, Meghan Trainor?) 

Further friend:

“because every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

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