Brooklyn Bambini: You Won’t Find This on the Typical Baby Shower Registry

23 December 2013

Because who really needs a silver spoon? 

My brother and sister-in-law just announced another baby boy will be joining the Arb clan. Mason, my nephew, will make a model older brother and I’m so happy for them my heart might just burst with joy.  I thought about waiting to write this post until after their baby shower, but  A) I can’t help myself and B) my role here at OceanViolet is to share my findings around the world that are unique, interesting and covetable, and although the baby shower date hasn’t even been announced, I’ve already picked out their gift from Brooklyn Bambini.

I was introduced to Brooklyn Bambini by my former colleague and dear friend, Suzanne. Since the day Suz showed me these tender sculptures, I’ve been waiting for someone dear to me to have a baby so I could give one as a gift! It all began with Kelley Shields’s first pregnancy. She was given a “bambini” by her artist husband, Brian Sullivan, as a gift for her to hold during labor, something she could use to focus her attention on during the delivery. Brian cast the figurine in sterling silver working over a pot-bellied stove, furnished by wood in an unheated studio apartment in February 1996.

I love Kelley’s story of Brian gifted sculpture and his intention of easing the labor and delivery of their first child. A beautiful gesture. Well beyond the beauty of the object itself, her awareness of his intention is what transferred a calming energy to when she first held it.

They are original works of fine art that become an instant heirloom and a lifelong symbol of the moment a family was born.  The sculptures were made for the purpose of a talisman during delivery, but it could commemorate so much more than that.  It’s a gift that goes beyond the typical Babies R Us gift registries, they are beloved keepsakes that can be engraved with the newborn’s names and date of birth to be treasured forever. Celebrating the birth, a birthday, even given to grandparents as tokens of appreciation and legacy.

Each piece is cast using the lost wax method, a process that has remained largely unchanged for 5000 years.  The name refers to the wax being vacated from the mold, hence the word lost with the void in the mold being filled by molten metal.  When the metal cools the ceramic shell is broken away to release the sculpture.  This process requires several stages of materials and hand labor, taking over three hours for each piece.

Every baby sculpture is sculpted, cast + finished by hand.

Every baby sculpture is sculpted, cast + finished by hand.


brooklyn bambini


Silver Pair

Bambini Duo

Bambinia Love Note.Press

In hand

Kelly + Brian, read more about their story  and how the first Brooklyn Bambini came to be.

Thank you Kelley+ Brian for making such beautiful, original creations and equally beautiful children! Read more about their story here.

The baby figurines are 2.75 inches long and weigh 4.5 ounces in bronze and 5 ounces in silver. Each figurine has the artist’s signature and arrives in beautiful packaging.  Each piece takes about three weeks to be delivered, so order early here. You can also follow the Brooklyn Bambini adventures both on Facebook and on Instagram.

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  • Nuria Gine

    I got this beautiful sculpture when my daughter was born and I loved it!
    Now my daughter is 2 years old and she loves having the little baby in her
    hands! Thanks Brian for making such a beautiful piece of art for us!

  • Genia Gould

    These are fine and beautiful small sculptures Brian and Kelley, and a wonderful story, will repost when WG site is back up in the new year. Love to all of you, in the New Year! and merry Xmas!

  • Kathryn

    A gift that warms the soul each time that it’s held. One that whispers a magical deep love for the child you’ve brought into the world. I cannot imagine a more precious treasure to celebrate a new life!

  • ldancer

    These are amazing! I’ll pass this post on to all my friends with babies on the way in their lives.

  • Kelley

    All the best to your brother and sister-in-law and their growing family! These tiny sculptures will become heirlooms that their children cherish–our daughters do! They love hearing about how I carried them for weeks before giving birth and how I used them during delivery.

  • PoeAndCo

    Congratulations to Mason, his mom, his dad, his aunt and uncle–and his new brother!