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4 August 2014

Hair, make-up, just overall grooming believe it or not, just isn’t in my wheelhouse. I tend to lean on the experts and seek advice from my friends that are doing it right.

For this post, I’ve asked my go-to-beauty blogger+ former colleague, Meagan Murphy, to dive into the make or break beauty attribute, eye-brows. Meagan’s a fashion-loving philanthropist and self-proclaimed beauty addict from NYC. She has a background in communications and events planning in a wide range of industries from the arts and fashion, to the nonprofit sector, helping to fund cures for cancer. She dabbles in all social media, so check her out on TwitterPinterestTumblr and Instagram


My obsession with brows came at the ripe-old age of 15. At that time, my caterpillar-like brows finally became so unruly that I took matters into my own (unskilled) hands. That fateful day will go down as one of the worst decisions of my young life and fuller eyebrows have been a far-reaching ideal since.  Lesson learned: my daughter will never touch a tweezer without a beautician’s supervision!

Trends come and go, but I think we can all agree, a fuller, more natural brow, looks best on everyone. A thicker brow instantly makes you look more youthful and there’s no denying that the last few years the beauty industry has seen a brow boom, with the likes of Cara Delevingne channeling memories of Brook Shields and a slew of beauty products and brands changing the game.

you could take Cara Delevinge's brows to the bank. I heard they are insured for for over a million dollars.    #justmadethatup

you could take Cara Delevingne‘s brows to the bank. I heard they are insured for for over a million dollars. #madethatup

So how does one achieve the perfect brow? The answers different for everyone, but I’m here to help. I can honestly say I’ve tried close to, if not more than a dozen brow enhancers, fillers, pencils and more; I’ve seen brow specialists and even toyed with the idea of permanent makeup. It’s a work in progress, but I can finally say that I’ve come to understand what works for my face shape and feel it’s my duty to share said knowledge with you.

I firmly believe that each set of brows is unique and every person should not follow the same rules; however, there are some tricks and tips you should not be without and can adapt to your liking and desired look.

The name of the game on making brows appear fuller is to fake it, until you make it: get your brows tinted. I started seeing my very own brow soul-mate, Brooke, one of Kristie Streicher’s arsenal of feathered-brow experts, about 6 months ago and she has drastically changed my brows and taught me invaluable lessons about what works for me, so I don’t mess up in between visits.

me on the left! my go-to-brow babe, Brooke on the right. Her brows are equally as enviable!

me on the left! my go-to-brow babe, Brooke on the right at Kristie Streicher’s Brow Bar at Warren Tricomi in New York City. Brooke’s brows are equally as enviable!

It may take time to find someone who really clicks with you, but do some searching in your area and you will find there’s a lot of places now boasting tinting services.  That said, do not take it lightly and feel free to shop around until you find your very own brow soul-mate.  Brows are such an integral part of your face; I think this is truly important.

This means: No more going to the nail salon for a $10 wax, ladies!

To find Brooke, I searched high and low. In the beginning, I tried a few different places before finding my match.  You have to commit and be patient.  A good brow tint should last at least 4 weeks, so if you go somewhere and it is not up to par, on to the next one.  If you’re growing your brows in like me, it takes time and you have to be patient in-between visits.  Which means = no plucking!

I understand a lot of women’s trepidation to incorporate tinting into their routines, since it can be a pretty penny to get your brows professionally done each month; but some brow or lash salons offer tinting for as low as $20 and it’s definitely worth the investment if you want quality service.

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.


In between appointments I fill-in and shape my brows with Anastasia dipbrow pomade and highly recommend it. Again, I’ve tried a lot of different products and understand some people prefer pencils, while others prefer shadow, so it’s really your personal preference,; but if you want something that has all-day staying power, you should definitely try this. I like to use a basic fill-in technique and start at the base of my brows to fill any gaps and create a smooth arch, then I fill-in the top and blend with a spooly applicator. My left brow is more rounded than my right (which is common for a lot of people, as most do not have exactly symmetrical arches) so it’s a bit of trial and error, but don’t worry, it’s nothing that a little remover can’t fix. I recommend using a lighted, magnifying mirror, when possible and then using Q-tips and make-up remover to get any excess product off your skin, after you’ve brushed through your brows. Use a top coat of clear mascara or gel to seal in the look and viola! It has taken me some time to get this down pat, but what once took me a good 20 minutes, I can now achieve in as little as five; so just have some fun with it and you’ll get used to whatever works best for you!

I’m always looking for new ideas, tips and tricks. Please leave your suggestions or comments in the section below!

xo, Meagan



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