Color Me Pretty

14 January 2013

For  three years running my New Year’s resolution has been: to wear more color.  The same excuses run through my head: “black is classic, black is slimming, black goes with everything.”

As of late, instead of my uniform of 50 shades of black; I’ve been playing with another monochromatic palette.  I started out slowly with winter whites, and graduated to head to toe canary, crimson and waves of cobalt.  The trick here is to break it up by hue of varying degrees and add texture.  Think knits with leather; silk with jersey and leather with cotton.  American apparel is perfect spot to assemble this look.  My particular favorite the accordion skirt is available in multiple colors, lengths and textures.

monochromatic dressing color oceanviolet

A bit on inspiration from The Queen and around the interweb:

the queen has the right idea


atlantic pacific



red and yellow monochromatic oceanviolet

orange and blue oceanviolet monochromatic dressing

Photo details: Teal: Elle + Tuula Vintage; Red: Atlantic Pacific + Blushing models; Blue: Diego Zuko for Harper’s Bazaar Orange: Giovanna Battaglia; Outfit details on Polyvore.

  • ShereenyBee

    This is a tough look to pull off if you’re not stick thin.

  • Jennifer Goddard

    Different hues of pink would be beautiful too. The nude pumps made the outfits.

  • God Save the Queen

    The Queen finally gets the fashion recognition she deserves. God Save the Queen!

  • tailor

    all red everything. red lips too.

  • Milly Savert

    this might just get me out of my black on black uniform as well.

    • Jessica Arb

      That’s my plan, or at least – trying to!

  • Tomlin Sarah

    what incredible inspiration for the first day of spring!