30 November 2012

The following trends unveiled  in the last 12 months I have gracefully declined: all forms of nail-art, cat ears, faux fur vests, ombre hair + flatforms.  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with said trends other than they just weren’t suited for me (I still wear harem pants, crop tops  + detachable collars as if they will forever be on-trend.) However, the recent sightings of ear-cuffs are really pulling at my lobes.  It’s a nostalgic nod to my 90’s pre-teen days, perhaps I’ll even try one on with an anklet, Doc Marten’s and a ditzy floral dress.  Now that I’m picturing it, not a good look.  But, I do think  wearing one of the glitzier ear cuffs (my suggestion is one at a time) and on the other ear pairing it with a simple stud or a classic pearl.  Makes the perfect accessory to jazz up your little black dress for your upcoming holiday soirées.

A few of my favorites:

First row: Pastel Rainbow Cuff; Green Jewels; Simple Bling.
Second row: Crystals; Pink Flower Spray; more Sparkles 
Featured Image: Aussie Model Lara Bingle

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