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22 August 2013

This story begins with fashion designer, Lisa Perry.  I am pretty much obsessed with everything this woman creates; from that Met Gala graffiti skirt, to her apartment tour, to her unabashed use of color no matter the season.  Above all, I equally admire and adore her integration of contemporary art within her collections  She uses inspiration from  Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons to create whimsical collectible and wearable pieces of art.

It’s by no surprise given Lisa’s interest in contemporary art as the reason I stumbled upon my  most recent artist obsession: Donald Robertson. I was perusing Perry’s Instagram account when I came across a Donald Robertson creation made just for her.  A mixed media lineup of simple silhouetted models with Lisa Perry inspired dresses made out of gaffer tape! Which, I might add, you may be familiar with if you’ve ever twirled a baton when you were a kid. Remember circling the baton with an array of different colored tape?  Yes, I twirled a baton.

Back to Donald…..

Looks like he will pretty much doodle, paint, draw on almost anything: Whole-Food bags, rocks, boxes.  He doodles his colleagues at Bobbi Brown where he is the currently the Creative Director of the brand.  He’s also had stints at some of the most prestigious magazines, such as: Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.  In fact, he was one of three original founders of MAC cosmetics where he helped launch VivaGlam raising over $260 million globally in the fight against AIDS.  From what I’ve gathered Donald seems to be adored and loved by all.  Bobbi Brown gushes about him on her blog and this reply, to a doting Instagram follower, only makes me feel like he’s a genuinely jovial dude.

When the fan queried how he could buy Donald’s work; Donald gave a rhyming reply:

“There is no league!!! Fun and free on IG!”

Here are a few of my favorites on his feed.  Do yourself a favor and make your day a little brighter by adding him to your feed.  Make sure you read the captions because they are full of wit and humor perfectly paired with his work.  Instagram @donalddrawbertson.

"chill pills" with gaffer tape

“chill pills” with gaffer tape

jackie o + JFK

this is cheese. no, really, it’s a Kraft cheese slice.


kinda reminded me of the California Pizza Kitchen painted pizza boxes, but so much better. Also, recycle!

“rock papper scissors.” I’d like the pink one.

last but not least, this one is entitled "September Issue Rejects."  brilliant.

last but not least, this one is entitled “September Issue Rejects.” brilliant.

featured image: Inspiration drawn from Maison Martin Margiela. *calling this now for my Halloween Costume.

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