Dinner Party Playlist

21 April 2014

Once again I found myself immersed in the moment without any photographic evidence of a wonderful night. With my camera fully charged, I had the best intentions to photograph a truly lovely dinner party we hosted along with the delicious gourmet pizzas handmade by Chef Danial. But the pizzas combined with copious amounts of red wine, topped off with a few roaring slash awkward rounds of Citizens Against Humanity made the perfect recipe to render me social-media-usless.

What I can give you is the playlist that has been requested by a few of my friends that I played throughout the night.  It starts off slow with a little Waldeck, Jessie Ware and Jamie Woon but picks up at the halfway point. I promise it’s the perfect recipe to keep the party going for a few hours.

As you’ve probably seen, pizza is the epicurean range right now with recipes showing up all over the internet. We followed Roberta’s in Bushwick’s dough and toppings recipe and it was almost as good as being there.  This copycat of CPK’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza was a close second from the Pioneer Women. Who doesn’t love pizza + good music?

for the full 3 hour playlist, click her here on Spotify to easily stream for your next shin-dig.

Featured Image: Judy Chicago’s: The Dinner Party now on view at the Brooklyn Museum

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