Excuse me, Miss?

31 January 2014

or Mister….

I was recently categorized as a “cracker-jack style blogger.” At first, questioning the notion of a “cracker jack”, I was mildly offended. Was it because you never really know what you’re getting when you visit Ocean Violet? Am I some loose cannon firing posts with whatever I fancy each afternoon? Do I seem disorganized and lacking direction?

When I’m on this side of the computer, writing into what seems like an abyss of the interwebs, I question if you (my readers) identify with what’s written. Self-doubt, you wickedly powerful thing you! I ponder if you’ve already heard the one about the lonely whale, or whether the song for Music Monday was so two-thousand + late.  I get feedback, sure. A song I’ve posted will show up on a my yoga instructor’s set list or, perhaps, I’ll hear someone mention they’ve recently bought a tie-bar for their boyfriend, inspired by one of my posts.

But then I thought about it a little bit more. What’s the best part of the cracker-jacks? It’s not the mediocre tchotchke at the bottom of the box. It’s the element of surprise! The secret waiting to be revealed. The trinket sized plastic whistle waiting to be blown. I realized that the “cracker-jack style blogger” label was a compliment. Why must everything have to be categorized? Thematic?

That said, I do understand the downside of such spontaneity. That is, understanding what my readers like, dislike and are indifferent to on Ocean Violet. Sure I can google analytics you to death, but it’s the anecdotal feedback that’s so valuable. There will always be the random musings: sharks, balloons and girls, but tell me what you want to see more of: is it music? fashion? vintage? gifts? less semi-colons? I know, I have a sincere affection for the semi-colon. I’m working on it, Kurt.

So here’s the question, or well – five.  I came up with a super short survey that I would love for you to take, especially if you’re a regular reader. It’s pretty general, but your input will guide me + the future of Ocean Violet. You can begin the SURVEY HERE.  Also, know that you can always shoot me an email: jessarb@oceanviolet.com or say what you wish in comments below! 

Thank you, thank you.

Kindly yours,


Featured image: Harriet Hoctor, ballerina + actresses in the shape of what I’d like to think of a question mark.

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