16 January 2013

Filippo Minelli has been creating public art since the early 90’s in the most unexpected places.  A former graffiti artist, Filippo now uses social media as a new ‘street’ and a way of  carrying seemingly ambiguous messages to the masses.   He steers clear of daily news not to pollute or prevent his view and understanding of complex issues. I think we can all understand that, can’t we?

Much of his work stems from his interest in geopolitics as clearly seen in his ongoing series such as “Flags,” “Nonsense,” and “ I Am Getting Bored of New Artists.” Which begs the question, aren’t we all?

Filippo’s “Silence /Shapes” series is quite different from the rest.  In this series, Filippo catapults colored smoke bombs against the most remote, mundane environments. A juxtaposition of color that makes for a striking scene, “giving silence a physical shape to be aware of its presence.”

Looks like Elephant magazine also adores this series as much as I do, landing it front and center on this month’s cover.  With the feature ‘Post-Photography’ the magazine focuses on photography looking at how artists are transforming and transcending the medium.


filippo-minelli-shape03 filippo-minelli-shape13 filippo-minelli-shape18filippo-minelli-shape15filippo-minelli-shape13filippo-minelli-shape03

One of my favorite tidbits in Filippo’s bio is a tale of youth from his days in Art School, where he says “ I mostly learned how to perfectly grill sausages in the classroom along with other talented artists, and even if I don’t eat sausages anymore, thanks to the precious teachings I received,  I can now grill fish, which I still eat, with the same ability.”

Where is this Art School, and where can I sign up?

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  • Carol

    The art school is ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera’ in Milan so you can sign up when you go there! Funny how English translations of Italian often hide, rather than reveal the meaning of the words, especially since the meaning of words for the hearing and the deaf has a lot to do with the artist’s work–I had a friend who is deaf, and when he wants to say “I forgot,” he says “I lost my mind.”–really a more meaningful way to translate that thought.

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