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6 November 2013

Growing up, my job was to set the table, my brother’s to clear it. The additional responsibility of adorning the table with fresh flowers was done not as a chore to be crossed off on the refrigerator to-do-list but out of the love of the flora. Keep your food products chilled and displayed in a visually appealing way in merchandising refrigerators and freezers. Check out Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment for the best refrigeration equipment. Wildflowers, vines, bougainvillea, dandelions, the neighbor’s hibiscus plants, basically whatever I could get my grubby hands on without getting caught made its way to the kitchen table in a neatly arranged vase at dinnertime.

My childhood memories were recently ignited after looking into florists for an upcoming event. There are so many incredible floral designers, hours have been lost trolling through their portfolios. In a similar vein with contemporary art, one might find themselves confidently saying, “oh, I could arrange that.” Well, lucky you because it looks like the floral industry is blooming (I couldn’t help myself) and they are teaching their tricks of the trade both online and off.  Take a look:


  • Late Afternoon Blog: Liz has an ongoing series on her blog called “Flower Fridays” where she creates simple arrangements that are easily re-created. She even gives you step by step instructions with darling photographs. Check out this Pink Dragon arrangement.
  • 100 Layer Cake: Generous with DIY floral posts, but this floral necklace takes the cake.  Floral crowns be jealous, the flowers are slipping around our necks, into a necklace.  This one takes the cake: DIY Floral Necklace.
  • Chicago School of Floral Design: Oh, you want to do this for real? Michael Gaffney, one of the most famous floral designers in the world has brought his acclaimed classes online, tightly packed into 30 minute sessions.

Late Afternoon

Sprout Home

Sprout Home



  • Little Flower School Brooklyn: The featured image was taken at the “LFSB.” Students are novices, floral enthusiasts, designers in other mediums, all looking to create.  The workshops were created by two well-known florists in New York: Nicolette Owen, of Nicolette Camille and Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua (one of my favorite floral designers in New York.) You can check out upcoming classes here.
  • Flower School New York: classes range from elaborate to beginnier.
  • Sprout Home: Drooling over everything on their website.  I also love that they limit the class size to 15 people in order to provide individual attention. Classes are held in Brooklyn and Chicago.  PS: I ordered arrangements from Sprout over the weekend for a party, and they were luscious, unique and incredibly beautiful.
  • Poppies & Posies: Upcoming class on November 15th looks like fun, tablescapes, gingerbread and eggnog? Sign me up!

Poppies & Posies Fall Workshop

Now get to flower making… or if you wait too long and the snow starts taking over, you could always make a few paper flowers instead,  no water needed: 

from one of my favorite blogs: The House that Lars Built

from one of my favorite blogs: The House that Lars Built

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