For the Boys: Socks + Shoes

15 August 2013

You’ve been showing a little skin to win, haven’t you boys?  Your ankles have been breathing all summer, basking in the sunlight and drawing our eyes to your sharp new loafers. The cropped trouser has been trickling in since Thom Browne coined it “ankle cleavage” last season and it is by far one of my favorite men’s fashion trends.

The hems has risen and men are finally appreciating what women have known for so long: You have an amazing pair of shoes, what’s the point if you can’t even see them?  So, why stop now that the weather is changing? No need to put the cropped trousers away till Spring.  Embrace the seasons and add a sock and slip the shoes back on.

Few do’s + don’cha dares:

  • Skip the athletic gym socks. Unless you’re Michael Jackson and can moonwalk.
  • Play with texture and prints. Waffle knits, polka dots and stripes. Personally not a huge fan of animal inspired prints, but if owls or sharks strike your fancy; I say go for it.
  • Take a seat. Where do your socks hit? If you see hints of skin – then hike ’em up, or put on a different pair. Let’s save the skin for summer ankles.

“I like a short pant so you can see the socks. You could always see Cary Grant’s socks.” – Tom Ford. 

A little sartorial inspiration for you:


Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 2.16.19 PM

PicFrame (1) photo 1

photo 2

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