For the Boys: The Knit Tie

7 April 2014

Bouncing around the boutiques off Smith Street in Brooklyn, I stumbled into menswear shop, Epaulet, and noticed a pile of multicolored silk knit ties rolled neatly in a basket. The knitted ties immediately caught my eye with their vintage appeal and silky sheen subtlety shinning off the weave. 

That day I decided my go-to-dude-gift, a tie-bar, will now be accompanied with a knit tie. Even more so, now that spring is here, you can pack away your heavy tweed and wool neckwear and trade in for a tie that’s seasonally appropriate. They are super lightweight and thin, making them an easy essential for your closet.

The knitted tie is certainly here to stay–timeless and classic.  If you’re looking to ease into the trend, the solid black knit is a good place to start and will easily become an essential of your wardrobe’s arsenal.  It was a staple for Sean Connery during his tenure as Bond, always wearing at least one knit tie per movie paying homage to Flemming’s original character description in the 007  novels.   So, what are you waiting for? Take a few styling cues from Alexander Skarsgard, Dwyane Wade, and Jake Gyllenhaal, then watch this video on how to tie a knitted tie + get out there you handsome beast.

Pro-Tip: According to impeccably dressed menswear writer, George Hahn:  “A good width of a knit tie is about two inches, two and a half max. Any skinnier dips into trendy skinny.”

 “If I had to go the rest of my life with just one tie, I’d make it a black knit tie.” – George Hahn. 

this is just delicious:  color blocking lineup from TTB

This is just delicious: color blocking lineup from The Tie Bar.


Step it up a notch and go big for Drake’s Grenadine



Brioni, The Tie Bar and

A slew of options that will make you look like a gentleman, just be sure to act like one. Polka Dots from The Tie Bar, Brioni and Charvet Slim Silk Knit Tie both from Mr.Porter.

Drake's For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection. Schmancy Fancy.

Drake’s For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection. Schmancy Fancy.

j crew knit necktie

J.Crew’s italian silk neckties. The sheerness of the black tie gives it an even more summery feel despite the dark color.

knit ties one

Epaulet’s own Flat End Silk Knit Tie with Dots. You can either visit the shop or get them online.

take this chap for example, well dressed and from the looks of it, responsible looking both ways before be crosses the street. (that or he knew the photographer was there.)

take this chap for a sartorial example: impeccably dressed and responsible. Clearly he’s looking both ways before crossing the street. That, or he knew he was being photographed.

  Every man should have one.

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