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11 October 2012

A gentleman should be well put together and I couldn’t think of a more functional accessory to help: the tie-bar; and it’s back in heavy rotation.  A tie-bar shows that when dressing yourself, no detail has been overlooked.  Everything is in place, and you plan on keeping it there.  You boss, you.  Channel your inner Don Draper, Gordon Gekko or Nick Wooster.  Add some visual interest but keep it clean and simple.  Less is definitely more with a tie-bar.  Oh, and please don’t even think about a chain, unless you’re jiggling change in your pocket and the kiddies are calling you Grandpa.  Still shaky? GQ gives a great quickie “how to” wear a tie-bar, for instance,”never wear a tie bar that’s wider than your tie.”

take it from one of the best dressed, well put together men I know:

“a handsome addition to an outfit, keeps a man looking sharp.”  – Jeffrey Phillip 

A friend of mine getting married recently asked me what would be a thoughtful gift for his groomsman.  My response? A classy, timeless tie-bar.  Take the time to get it personalized with a monogram or an initial, a few etsy finds:

get THEIR initials monogrammed, not Jill + Teddy’s Wedding ’12. mmmK?

nick wooster,  like a boss.

a woman’s opinion? take it from men’s style expert, Tailor Rosenthal who has dressed some of the finest athletes in new york city:

“anyone can put on a suit, but tie-bars show you pay attention to the tiniest details + trust me, the ladies will notice.”   – Tailor Rosenthal

solid choices with just enough detail. no bling boys.

dev patel in GQ + a tie-bar, of course. 

top row: Brass for the Boss by SpiffingJC Jewelry Hand; My favorite of the bunch: stamped Tie Bar by Korena Loves. 
simple + classic: Signature Silver Tie Bar – Tiffany & Co; The Tie Bar Silver Edgy; Rounded Sterling J.Crew Tie Clip
for more inspiration of men doing it right, check out: J.Crew’s – The Ludlow Shop or here, gentleman start your engines.

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