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26 December 2012

Happy Boxing Day!

“Boxing Day has long been the day when gratitude is shown to those who have provided service throughout the year.” In olden days, a box was placed at the entrance of every church in which gifts were dropped off by those who attended Christmas service.  On December 26th, the day after Christmas, the gifts were then distributed to the town’s poor.  This is how the day became known as “Boxing Day.”

This post was inspired by the Boxing Day tradition and highlights a few of my favorite companies who play pivotal roles in empowering impoverished communities all across the world, all year long.

Nisolo Shoes:
nislo shoes

I’ve been a Chukka fan for quite sometime, and Nisolo shoes make a pair that I’m certain will look good on almost every man. Every pair of shoes is a unique work of art that exemplifies the beauty and diligence of its Peruvian maker.  Nisolo invests 10% of their profits into education programs within the communities where the artisans work while giving them access to markets far beyond their reach in their small town. Some of them took classes thanks to a website that helped them find the nearest place to take courses. There are also great  glassblowers crafting the most beautiful pieces for you. ( if you are interested in learning how to become a glassblower you can navigate here and find out more)



My camera has been floating around my purse for the better part of a year.  I’ve looked high and low for unique camera straps, but always end up looking like a wonky tourist.  I came across these amazing camera straps that also support a great cause.  For every strap purchased, FOTOstraps donates to the Fotolanthropy charity, which documents stories of harder times through inspiring portraits or short films like Travis, a Solider’s Story currently on KickStarter.  Their motto: “Click, Inspire, Remember. Give.”

Indego Africa:



Indego Africa partners with women artisans in Rwanda on a fair trade basis by connecting them to the international export market.  They invest 100% of the profits back into business training programs in Literacy Financial management and entrepreneurship for these talented women artisans.  They’ve recently partnered up with major brand like J.Crew + Nicole Miller.  I’m in love with all of their homewares including the featured pink plateau basket on this post.  Perfect for a little color in the kitchen.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few wise words from Bob Dylan’s radio show:

“Instead of adding to the sadness of the world, why not lend a hand, help somebody out. And not just on Christmas. Why don’t you give it a try year-round?”


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