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30 May 2013

As many New Yorker’s can attest, closet space is the most precious real estate in our homes. My closet is of lilliputian scale, so organization, editing and seasonal wardrobe transitions are vital.  Looks like the global-weirding is on its way to stabilizing at full on summer sweaty hotness, so out with my winter puffy coats, pashminas and gloves and in with summer dresses, crop-tops and flip-flops.

Flip-flops, plural. During said wardrobe switcharoo, I found four pairs of flip-flops. What on earth am I doing with four pairs of identical Havaiana flip-flops? The redundancy didn’t end there people. Fifteen bathing suits, mostly bikini tops — without the matching bottoms? Unclear what happened there. Seven statement necklaces, nine varying shades of pink lip-glosses, what seems to be endless strands of tangled christmas lights, a slew of dresses purchased during a “spring sale” that I “swore” I’d “get altered.” Ask me if I’ve worn any of these dresses, then ask me if they still have the tags on them. No + Yes.

This weekend, I am getting my sh!t together, starting with my closet.

One of these places will most likely be on the receiving end of this purge:

  • Beacon’s Closet: buy, sell, trade your clothes.
  • Plato’s Closet: same thing as Beacon’s closet, just more philosophical. Plato, nevermind.
  • Goodwill: duh.
  • Housing Works: Your donations fund a full range of lifesaving services for homeless and low-income men, women, and youth living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

I’ve gathered some tips, tricks and photos of things organized neatly for inspiration:

Medicine Cabinet by Damien Hirst

*Pro Tip* How to Hang Pants: If you like a crisp pleat, fold along the creases and fasten at the top. If you prefer a flat front, hang them as you would wear them. Keep a bit of slack at the waist to avoid stressing the seams. Genius.

how to hang pants

From the golden rules of editing your wardrobe by Vault Couture:

“Before you begin editing, get at least two substantial storage boxes. Allocate appropriate names for each, such as costume, nostalgia, presents etc. I have seen amazing Burberry suits hung next to Halloween costumes. I know – this is the dress you were wearing when your husband proposed to you, or this is your college sweatshirt that everyone signed… by all means keep it, as it’s a nice part of your history. But why is it in amongst your work blouses?! This makes your closet feel and look completely disorganized, which in turn makes you feel disorganized.”

Thinking this goes in the “Misc” box:

like, whoa.

The Smithsonian’s bird collection, the third largest bird collection in the world with over 625,000 specimens.


Rainbow’ed Vistoe

douglas family stockpile

The Douglas Family’s stockpile

lisa perry closet

Shoes on Shoes on Shoes, closet of Lisa Perry.

for the DIY'er in all of us.

for the DIY’er in all of us.

over acheivers right there.

over achievers right there.

Inspired but don’t know where to begin? I hear ya, thank god there’s an app   a professional for that.  Meet Jeffrey Phillip, Style & Efficiency expert. He will get your act together + look good while doing it.  His blog is full of organized nuggets too.

I’ll leave you with a few words from Jeffrey himself:

“I encourage you to think about where in your life change can happen + take some time to see what things you can part ways with to restore calmness + order back to your personal environment. You’ll be surprised what you can live without.”


Happy knolling + purging!


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