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28 February 2014

Have you ever had a social media crush? You nod your head in agreement at every article they post, laugh at their comments and references, secretly admiring their travels and uncanny ability to effortlessly pull off well worn sneakers.  This can work as a disadvantage when you actually do have a real-life crush on someone, THEN you read their social media profile and you’re completely turned off by their rants. The ‘ol “I liked you until I saw your twitter feed,” dilemma.

The former was the case with Emily Wall. Emily and I “met” through former Ocean Violet Girl Crush, Erin Mavian. Erin (curator of all things covetable both on the internet and off)  knew I’d dig Emily’s style + taste. My first introduction was to Emily’s photography journalism Tumblr DC Here and Now where she catalogs the faces and stories around our Nation’s Capital. I cyber stalked her for quite sometime and eventually we met in person over Blue Moons at TriBeCa Tavern, solidifying our friendship.

A few months down the road, I ended up leaning on Emily’s interior design talents when the then boyfriend + I began cohabitating.  I wanted a place that was “ours” feeling equal parts masculine and feminine. So, after rearranging my couch for the umpteenth time and still not being able to sort out which way was up, I decided to hire Emily. After just one consultation, she understood my style and desired aesthetic for the new digs.  It was very important to me to incorporate pieces I already owned while adding touches that made the apartment look like it wasn’t staged or too “designed.” Emily effortlessly weaved in our current furniture while finding the perfect accompaniments to make the apartment feel like a home. I loved everything she did and miss the hell out of that apartment. As soon as we get a new place, you better believe I’m calling her again.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Ocean Violet Girl Crush, Emily Wall.

“I think it all began with the dollhouse. My grandfather built me a dollhouse, and I had the best time furnishing it. I wallpapered and wired it for electricity. At some point, I decided to make it a historic home and completely redecorated in Federal style. Finding miniature Federal furniture and mural wallpaper wasn’t easy, but it was fun. (Yes, that’s what I spent my allowance on when I was ten.) I learned a lot about color, history and Duncan Phyfe sofas. It wasn’t really useful information for striking up conversations at school, but it seemed important to me.”

Name: Emily Wall
Title:Interior Designer (Street Photographer, Shop Girl at REDEEM D.C.)
Location: Washington D.C.
Instagram: @GeorgiaeDC

Q: How’d you get your start? 

A: In 2009, I moved into a studio apartment in Washington. A couple friends came over for drinks and really liked the vibe of my place. They’d recently moved into new apartments and asked if I’d help them get settled in. Those were my first clients.

Q: You’ve lived in Nashville, Jerusalem, New York City and now you’re back in D.C. Why D.C.?

A: It’s home. (I’m from D.C.) The city just turns me on in a way no other place really can.

Q: You studied Feng Shuii, (the Chinese system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment.) What’s one big Feng Shuii no-no?
follow Emily's adventures at @georgiaeDC

follow Emily’s adventures at @georgiaeDC

Q: Looking back at the apartment you designed for Patrick and I in Nolita, you made a huge effort to incorporate pieces we already owned. This was easy on the piggy bank, but also made me feel like you respected our taste + belongings.  Knowing there’s no “trick’ here, but any pointers for the readers to do this at home? (Sometimes it just feels good to rearrange the furniture!)

A: All I can say is, ‘Experiment.’ Live with a new setup for a couple of weeks and see how it feels. (If you get stuck, give me a call!)

Q: Any design element that you are loving right now?

A: Concrete coffee tables.

Q: Any products, pieces of furniture, kitchen items, pillows, designer collections, throws, piece of art are you loving right now?

A: The Aalto Saavoy Vase which can be found at the MoMA store, it’s a real classic and makes for perfect loose spring floral arrangements. Also loving the Eucalyptus & Sage candle from Sydney Hale Company. Here are a few of my other current favorites:

Turkish towels for spring from Berlyn 65 in Williamsburg

Turkish towels for spring from Berlyn 65 in Williamsburg

Bullet pencil by Midori, Jack Germain X Emgie Libris. Gold Crackle Notebooks, Talon Ring Three by RILA - - Handcrafted in NYC

Bullet pencil by Midori, Jack Germain X Emgie Libris. Gold Crackle Notebooks, Talon Ring Three by RILA – – Handcrafted in NYC

Leo bedding in brown. Mix of "old" and "new."

Leo bedding in brown. Mix of “old” and “new.” For any lions you know out there.

Q: You have one of the best Pinterest accounts I’ve ever followed. You pull inspiration from all walks of life. What are a few of your favorite blogs or websites?

A: I check in now + again with AnOtherNOWNESSOysterInterviewRookie and all kinds of music blogs. More than anything else, I rely on friends will killer taste. We pass notes on design, film, music, images, fashion, etc. At the moment, Kate Greene and Lori Parkerson of REDEEM are keeping my eyes really sharp.

Q: Lighting is really important to you, I remember we flipped around a few of my lamps making them face in different directions. Any tips for lighting, especially during the grey days of winter? Any particular light bulbs?

A: Lighting is a mad science. As you guessed, there aren’t any cure-all’s. (Don’t trust anyone who says there are.) Everything depends on the amount of natural light a room gets, at what time of day, etc. The only general advice, I can say is to install dimmers wherever there’s proper wiring to support them. Also light the corners of a room. It adds warmth and space. and of course, candlelight.

Q: I’ll go first: Chevron stripes. Your turn, one trend you wish would just disappear?  

A: Edison light bulbs.

Q: Are there pieces of architecture that you consider favorites?

A: I find architecture incredibly inspiring. I love old churches, especially ones that have been converted into private homes. Of course, I love everyday homes and how they’ve been designed in the past and in other parts of the world. There’s also Smiljan Radic Clarke’s Casa Chilena. It will always be with me. One day, I’ve love to visit it.

Chilean House : Smiljan Radic2 Chilean House : Smiljan Radic 1

Q: How does one hire you? Do you travel? 

A: An e-mail or a phone call is the first step. We can talk a bit about your project and schedule an in-person consultation. I’m in NYC frequently and am happy to consult remotely!

Thank you Emily!

If you know anyone that might be a fine addition to the Girl Crush cast, please feel free to drop me a line!

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