Girl Crush: Erin Mavian of Blueprint Proposals

3 October 2012

Part admiration, part adoration topped off with utmost respect, it’s a phenomenon every girl (whether they want to admit it or not) has experienced = the Girl Crush.  You’ve met her before, she’s got “it” but you can’t define what “it” is.  She’s inspiring, relatable, ambitious and kind. You want to be her friend, scratch that… you want to be her best friend.  

In an ongoing series here on OceanViolet we’re going to try to figure out “who” she is and “how” she got where she stands today. My first Girl Crush is Erin Mavian, Co-Founder of Blueprint Proposals, a boutique event consultancy, with a specialty in  “drafting blueprints.”  A blueprint for what is arguably one of the  most important days of your life – the marriage proposal.

Q: So, how does this whole thing work?

A: There are a few ways, but each step involves the input and expectations of the client (the proposer.) We always begin with our signature Blueprint Quiz, which gives us the opportunity to better understand who we’ll be working with and what their proposal style.  Whether that means organizing a flashmob, or lining up the perfect night ending at the Eiffel Tower after the quiz, it’s either in their hands or ours.

“because you just might mess it up by yourself.” – New York Observer 

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

A: Too much reality TV.

Q: Who is the ideal Blueprint proposal client?

A: Six figure income and completely clueless.  Joking (sort of).  We love working with anyone who simply wants to create an incredible moment for the person they love.  Ultimately, this is the beginning of a life that you want to have and share with another person. Besides, how can you keep all that planning a secret? That’s where we really shine.

Q: Any crazy scenarios you’ve had to deal with?

A: Not yet, fortunately, but we’re looking forward to some.  Good material for our blog (check out the “How NOT to Propose Files”).

Q: Besides proposals what else does the Blueprint Proposal crew do?

A: We recently planned our first engagement party for a close friend and his fiance.  It was a blast and we hope to do more in the future, but for the time being we’re really focused on growing our business as the premiere marriage proposal planners and consultancy.

Q: Your bio says you’re a “consumer intelligence expert,” tell me, what is with the trend of getting married while running in a marathon? It may just be my adversity to marathons, but figure this one out for me, please.

A: If* there is some correlation between running marathons and marriage my best guess would likely include one part overachieving, control freak females; one part wedding-obsessed culture mostly in thanks to TLC, wedding blogs and make believe Pinterest boards; and one part biological clock. Deadly combo.  A piece of advice, or more  a public service announcement:

“If you find yourself looking more forward to the wedding than the actual marriage, please know YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE MARRIED TO HAVE A PARTY.  Okay?  There, I feel better.”

marco, erin’s rescue mutt, who only understands commands in spanish.

Q: How do you really feel about red roses? and on bended knee?

A: Overly emotional, I’m talking tears – every time.  There are a lot of traditions that I don’t find to be as important as others.

“But, when someone takes that small step back and bends down to one knee, it is one of the most gallant and timeless acts someone can take. I love it.  And for all my future husbands: PLEASE TAKE NOTES.”

Q: What are a few of your favorite blogs, places for inspiration?

A: The Fresh Exchange – She’s from Northern Michigan, where I spend summers and most holidays with my family and has such a simple, well edited eye and style.  Miss Moss: Compendium of Radness – Need I say more? Matchbook Magazines Tumblr: Strikes Our Fancy – If I could live in one Tumblr, this would be it.  #MYFRIENDSAREMARRIED – Good notes to take as to why I’m still single and loving it. Just Little Things – Great way to put every day into perspective and appreciate all the little things we often overlook. – One of the longest living blogs on the internet (approximately 14.5417 years) Jason Kottke covers every cultural, news and design worthy event and article I need to know about.

Q: And most importantly, how does my boyfriend get in touch with you?

A: Holla at ya proposal planners! or

rowboat in central park, this could be you.

Featured Image: Erin posing with the posies at the recently opened  “All Good Things” in TriBeCa.  If you haven’t been and you made it to the bottom of this post – GO.  Cavaniola’s cheeses, Blue Bottle Coffee, the Florist Polux Fleuriste, Blue Marble Ice Cream all under one roof.  You’re welcome.


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