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5 February 2014

I’ve always felt that if I could successfully care for houseplants, then I could (in theory) graduate to living breathing animals (dog, kid, rabbit, etc.) If you can take care of a few rex begonias, jade plants and philodendrons you’re well on your way to motherhood! 

To my dismay it doesn’t look like anything with a heartbeat should be under my roof or care.  Over the last few months most of my plants have become victims to these absurdly frigid temperatures.  The last straw was when my darling jade plant, who I’ve had for nearly six years, who has thrived and outgrew every pot she called home has gone and kicked the terracotta bucket.

Apparently, no one gave the Florida girl the green-thumb’ed memo that during the winter plants actually need less water. Here I am, rationally thinking that with the lack of moisture in the air, plants would need twice as much water. False. According to HGTV misting and backing off your watering schedule should do the trick. So, basically I drowned my poor helpless plants.  There’s also another tricky element that we can zero control over = direct sunlight.

Which leads me to my newest obsession: air-plants which need only indirect sunlight. Further, depending on the variety they typically don’t need to be watered as much as regular house plants.  I also adore their sculptural elements which allow you to be more creative as if you’re adding a piece of artwork to your home.  Air-plants can dangle out of just about anything, sea urchin shells, glass ornaments  even cascading from a wall.

A bit of inspiration and places to make your home a bit more green:







Images: 1) Trio of Upside Down Air-Plants: Mudpuppy on Etsy. I bought these for my father last year off of Fab and I’m happy to report, it’s still alive.  I love the pink one! 2) No vessel no problem, hang them with rope on the wall from A Beautiful Mess. 3) Antler Air-Plant – perfect atop the coffee table from Falcon & Finch.  4 + 5 + lead picture) Living Walls designed by Articulture. I literally lost about three hours of my life on their website, fair warning their work is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. 6) An air-plant mobile by Gems of the Soil.

Still looking for a Valentine’s Day present that isn’t chock full of calories, make your lover an air-planted terrarium.

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