23 October 2014

“Finally!” Is what I yelled at my computer when news broke yesterday that a Joan Didion documentary was in the works. Air high-fives to my virtual co-workers were gratuitously given (and received). I work alone, thanks friends on Gchat!)

I cannot believe one of the most influential writers of this century hasn’t had a documentary made about her yet. But leave it family to ensure it’s done in her lifetime. Griffin Dunne, Joan’s actor, director, producer nephew has taken to Kickstarter to get the film finished.

Some have poo-poo’ed the crowdfunding angle, and normally I might too (really there’s no funding available?) BUT!  In this instance, a woman who was so incredibly influential to the core of my being, I felt proud and obligated to contribute.  Joan Didion has a cult following and her books leave lasting impressions among her readers. See past Ocean Violet #fangirl Joan Didion post here.

Looks like Dunne and his crew are near their goal at the time of this post, but if not please give a buck or three to this cause. I’m also taking names for those that would like to join me for the movie — please leave your name in the comments and I’d be elated to share my Milk Duds and Cherry Coke with you.

Here’s the Kickstarter video:


I re-read Joan’s, The Year of Magical Thinking again this year and as difficult as this book is to read, it provides the solace one may need in a time of grieving.

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