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10 June 2013

Over the weekend I celebrated that this summer is relatively free of any wedding attending responsibilities.  The Summer of 2011 and 2012 were affectionately dubbed “Summer of other People’s Love.”  

Looking back, I had an incredible time at each and every engagement but between finding the appropriate dress, travelling, bachelorette parties, recovering from said bachelorette parties,  I never found the time or made any real effort to find a gift that I was proud of giving.  Of course, cutting a check is always welcome and more often than not – preferred, but for couples that you find incredibly close or want to find something to represent their relationship, the right gift is much more meaningful.

With the lack of summer weddings, which undeniably means two things, 1) most of my friends have been married off, congrats! and 2) we’re getting older and the older we get the more discerning our tastes become. Which means, I should use this time  to find the perfect wedding gift and not get frowned upon for scrounging up the last thing on the gift registry.

Just last week one of my favorite artists, Lisa Swerling, who creates the shadowbox series “Glass Cathedrals” announced a new series called “Life as Art.” Her Glass Cathedrals are beautifully handcrafted scenes containing brilliant tiny worlds inhabited by miniature people made of German toy railway figures.  There is something about the relative scale of the tiny people inhabiting these worlds, that makes their pursuits by turns heroictragichumorouswistful – a celebration of the human condition.

The new series, “Life as Art,”  reminds me of a people looking at art, just the art being the special moments caught on photographs. Swerling makes reproductions of these special moments to create a unique gallery.   There couldn’t be a more wonderful, unique and rather easy gift to plot for a surprise.  Think about it, so many of our special moments are shared through social media, so the photos are there for the taking.  If you have your friend’s Instagram handle you can just enter into your web browser and pluck the photos fair and square.  For example, mine is  and voilà – all of my photos,  right clicking, saving to desktop, emailing to Lisa.

If the series,  “Life as Art” doesn’t suit your time frame or the couple – I’m quite fond of “Evergreen” a customizable family tree. “People describe their families and pets to me, and I tweak them and carve their names into the family trees,” Swerling said.  I’m also loving “Happy Days” which can include a map of your local park.
lisa swerling LifeasArt_cu2_WP
If you’re in New York City, lucky you – as Lisa will be in town the next few weekends, check out her full schedule.

You can scroll through her portfolio here and let me know which one is your favorite!

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