Monday Music: Andrew Bird “Three White Horses”

5 November 2012

Andrew Bird just released his seventh album “Hands of Glory,” the follow-up album to “Break it Yourself” and in my opinion, is his best yet.  Hard to believe he recorded the entire album from the inside of a barn crowded around a solitary microphone.

Andrew Bird’s mastery of the violin is beyond mesmerizing and the lyrics, my god – his lyrics. Tender, unique, slightly academic, and almost scientific at times but still manages to be totally accessible. Imitosis and Fake Palindromes are still two of my constants listens.

“Three White Horses,” is my favorite track on the new album, available here.


File under neat-o:  Bird has announced his tour starting in February 2013 will be totally crowd-funded thanks to a contest on Songkick.  Fans from 12 cities in Latin America will “vote” by pledging money towards a concert in their area.  Whatever city gets to 250 pledges first, wins and decides where Andrew plays.  Looks like Florianópolis is on its way to getting funded and seeing the beachy destination is on my travel list for 2013, this makes for a mighty perfect excuse.

Victrola love, be sure to check out the  ‘Sonic Arboretum’ at the Guggenheim


Featured Image: If the lyrics to this song could be set to an image, then Andrea Galvani’s “Death of Image #5” couldn’t be more perfect.  She says, “the head of a horse, trained for a military ceremony, have been physically covered by a soft and precarious structure; constructed by fine metal wire, foam rubber and balloons filled with helium gas.”  Balloons! Horses! Death! Oh my.  Not to worry, “death isn’t becoming me” even though the last two posts have leaned that way.


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