Monday Music: Jessie Ware

10 September 2012

File under “girl crush.” Jessie Ware is the classic underdog story and I’m rooting for her all the way. She’s also the perfect cure for Adele and the XX fatigue. 

Ware’s career consisted primarily of backup singing gigs.  You know the girl who snaps her fingers off in the corner of the stage shimmy shaking to the right and to the left, rarely ever noticed unless they get to “oooh + aahh” for longer than a few beats.  A couple of years ago, Ware finally broke out of stage left and caught a bit of attention when she collaborated with SBTRKT on the track, “Nervous.”  Cut to this past August, Ware went solo and debuted her album “Devotion.”  She’s a little Annie Lennox mixed with Everything But the Girl, sprinkled with Sade on top.  There’s even a little bit of soul + hiphop à la Blu Cantrell.  What happened to Blu Cantrell anyway? I digress…

Ware’s self deprecating humor, obvious humility and an adorable relationship with her mother, draw me into her fan-base more and more.  The overprotective Jewish mom + daughter relationship reminds me of… well, my very own overprotective Jewish mum.   In a recent Pitchfork interview, Ware tells a story in which any daughter could empathize: “I was doing a headline show about a month ago and I had my hair done up, as I was getting in the cab to go to the soundcheck, my mum went, ‘You’re not going out like that. Why don’t you show your beautiful, long hair, darling?’ I love my mum to pieces, but she always wants me to look like I’m going to a Bat Mitzvah.”

110% has been on repeat since I downloaded the album, and it has nothing to do with her amazing crop-top.  Try Wildest Moments and Running, too.

girl after my own heart:

“I’m really influenced by American R&B and hip-hop, and how far I can take that being a British, middle-class, Jewish girl.”

the cure for Adele and the XX fatigue = Jessie Ware

Devotion is available on iTunes and looks like she’s be touring on her own turf come November, I’ll keep my fingers crossed she jumps the pond soon.

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