Monday Music: Johnnyswim

19 November 2012

While listening to Prairie Home Companion yesterday, I was struck by the voices of two crooners: Amanda Sudano + Abner Ramirez, the duo behind JOHNNYSWIM.

I was particularly drawn to the song “Bonsoir.” Conversationally sung, a melodic argument I suppose, reminiscent of the Postal Service’s Nothing Better or Vanessa Da Mata + Ben Harper’s Boa Sorte .  Sudano and Ramiriez are married in real life, and I’m sure the singer-songwriter’s lyrics will resonate for many relationships.

“Baby, don’t rush out, or this could be the end of us, as soon as you go out  it will never be the same as it was. The streetlights can’t hold you and keep you as warm as my arms do.”

How JOHNNYSWIM has just turned up on my radar is a damn shame, I only hope to catch them at their next show in New York on December 5th, 2012 @ Rockwood Music Hall.  Maybe they’ll sing my second favorite song on their album: Home.

In conclusion, I leave you with two fun facts and one lesson:

Fun Fact #1: Amanda Sudano is the daughter of the late Donna Summer. Think that beauty came from no where?

Fun Fact #2 : The inspiration for the name JOHNNYSWIM came from the scene in movie Jaws when the character named Johnny is attempting to flee from the shark as his friend shouts from the pier, “Swim, Johnny, swim!”

and the Lesson:

“Wait the War Out.”

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