Monday Music: Robert Glasper, Black Radio 2

4 November 2013

Even though Robert Glasper won a Grammy Award last year for “Black Radio,” I feel like the album was a little bit of a sleeper surprise.  Admittedly, I gave it a listen a few times, but didn’t really give it a full chance until recently when I was looking for music to play for a dinner party. After a few spins, I understood what all the fuss was about and I was hooked.  If you’re not familiar with Robert Glasper, he’s a classically trained pianist known for his experimental style of jazz that transcends all genres.  He’s hip-hop, he’s rock, but mostly he tugs at my R&B heartstrings. His work is so different than anything I had heard before. I know the word “innovator” gets thrown around a lot, but Glasper, is definitely an innovator in music. Some jazz purists frown upon his ability to bridge various style of music, but Glasper says “The music is going to die if you don’t tap into something that people today can relate to. People say that I’m selling out, but I’m doing what John Coltrane and Miles Davis were doing.”

Lucky for me, just as soon as I was hooked on his first album, the sequel to Black Radio debuted. This album has even more collaborations: Anthony Hamilton, Faith Evans, Common, Norah Jones, Snoop Dogg and more.  If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be”Calls” featuring Jill Scott, reminds me to thank my lucky stars for those that are always there for me + have my back whenever I call.

you always come.
you always answer my calls, when I call
you always come.
I don’t even have to question
if it’s real or not,
you’re right there, all times.

Work backwards, start with the just released Black Radio 2 on iTunes, then get Black Radio.




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