Monday Music: Solange “Losing You”

8 October 2012

This family can do no wrong. Just last week Solange released “Losing You” and it has been on repeat ever since.

The backdrop is a palette of pale pastels making Cape Town, South Africa look chalky and sunbleached.   Solange breaks up the muted tones with her signature fashion choices of prints and patterns and bold looks.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Director Melina Matsoukas shot the video entirely though instagram’s “valencia” filter.

A gaggle of leggy models and the Sapeurs’, elegant and immaculately dressed dandies from the heart of the Congo make for incredible eye candy. But the one to watch is Solange with dance moves that are just too cute not to watch over and over.

The tempo is certainly upbeat, but the lyrics are anything but.  Give it a listen yourself and tell me you don’t bust out one of these dance moves and play the song at least twice.

“tell me the truth boy, am I losing you for good
we use to kiss all night but now it’s just no use
I don’t know why I fight it, clearly we are through.”

“Losing You” released via Terrible Records, which is co-run by Grizzly Bear‘s Chris Taylor, the single and its B-side, “Sleep In the Park” (features  Of Montreal‘s Kevin Barnes) are both off her third album due out early 2013.  Both are available now on iTunes


Would love to hear what you’re listening to these days.  I’m a DJ that accepts requests.  Tell me!

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