Monday Music: Syd the Kyd

23 September 2013

Have you ever caught yourself listening to the same album over and over not allowing any new music to enter the bloodstream?  Well, once I accepted John Mayer’s apology for being a douche-bag, his album”Paradise Valley” admittedly took over every audio device I own. 

Until now.  

We all have “influencers” in our lives, those who share their thoughts, advice, and interesting tidbits from the ends of the earth + intewebs.  We share our onions and thoughts on the
stickiness factor or whether this person, place or thing is just a passing trend.  Good lyrics? The artists approach to a music video, whether we think it’s a good idea, bad idea or the validity behind it.  This knowledgeable crew, whose advice I seek quite often, includes – Josh Upton.  Josh is a close friend and whose musical opinion I take very seriously.  See, Josh is quite talented himself as one of the band-members of Denny Love.Last week, Josh sent me an e-mail without any introductions or back stories, just a singular “yep” in the subject line and a link to this video:

The Internet “Dontcha”   

After listening to Syd the Kyd’s almost Janet Jackson like voice and bopping along to her upbeat lyrics, I finally found the perfect antidote to my Mohn Jayer binge.  Josh was right, the song didn’t need much more than just a listen. He didn’t need to sell it to me, because I was sold.

The Internet (which is virtually impossible to google) is an R&B/Funk project by the ever busy Odd Future team  comprised of the talented Syd the Kid and Matt Martian.  It’s smooth, clean and jazzy.   The Internet’s full album entitled, Feel Good, is out tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

Tangent: Frank Ocean sings on John Mayer’s song “Wildfire,” and Frank Ocean is part of Odd Future which Syd the Kyd is also a part of as well.  Suppose I came full circle?





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