Monday Music: First Name Charlie, Last Name Wilson

1 July 2013

Last week I caught the tail end of a Lil Wayne song called “Rich as Fuck,” where he impressively manages to incorporate in his lyrics the following slew of random subjects:  Master Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WD-40, Tivo, percosets and among others, Halloween’s villain, Michael Meyers.  If there were a contest for how many random nouns one rapper could squeeze into a three-minute song, then that would be its only redeeming quality but, as a former self-professed Lil Wayne fan, I found it absolutely intolerable.  Radio off.

So last night, when R&B legend, Charlie Wilson, was honored for the Life Time Achievement Award at the 2013 BET Music Awards, I couldn’t have been happier and more proud. It completely confirms my belief that hardcore-nasty-gang$ter rap is on its way out the door and soulful, tender, baby-making R&B is on its way back in.  Ne-Yo, The Dream, Frank Ocean, Inc., Miguel and Justin Timberlake are all recent examples of brilliant artists who sing about honoring women instead of “beating their p’s up” and Charlie Wilson served as inspiration for them all.

I’d like to publicly thank him for paving the way.  Here are just a FEW of the reasons why:

  • Makes Promises He Keeps:  Tells you that you can do better when he sees you’re always upset.  Promises he could turn that frown into a smile. Sit and talk with him for awhile and he’ll show you love, care, and concern. Just give him a chance: That’s his Guarantee.
  • Has Eyes for Only one Girl in the Room:  His girl is a dime, and not just because of her body.  He acknowledges that she stood by him when no one else did! Through thick + thin.  When he was down she looked up at him.  That’s what makes her beautiful. She’s a keeper, she’s a dime, she runs to him with her arms open wide.
  • Admits when he’s Nervous: It’s cool to be nervous around a girl you love.  Charlie gets butterflies too!  That’s simply what he feels inside.  Every time is like his first time ooooo-weeeee! He struggles to find the right words and he’s a lyrical genius. He’ll tell you YOU ARE the perfect girl and you were made for him.  (PS: The video for this song will make your heart melt.)
  • He really did start from the bottom; now he’s here.  
  • He’s a Role-Model + all around Good Influence: Snoop Dogg Lion and Pharrell will even tell you that you’re so beautiful and that you’re their favorite girls. They just want you to know that.  You know that, right?

If you missed the epic performance you can watch it in its entirety here.  I was smiling ear to ear the entire time and loved how the audience got up and bopped along for the 10 minute performance.  You can just feel the energy and excitement in the room.  Justin Timberlake, Snoop and Pharrell join Wilson on stage to perform a medley of songs.  Fashion notes: How amazing is Charlie Wilson’s  black + red print suit and how the boys respectfully all wear muted black tuxes.  Still hard not to notice  Justin Timberlake’s delicious Tom Ford tux or Pharrell’s ease at totally pulling off the sockless ankle bearing trend.  I digress.  The black suits ensure Charlie had the spotlight he so rightly deserved.  

Here’s to a musical future filled with romanticism, tenderness and, above all, respect.

Radio On.

The Crew. Image from Getty Images for BET.

The Crew. Justin Timberlake, CHARLIE WILSON, Snoop + Pharrell.  Photo: Getty Images for BET.

Featured Image: Charlie Wilson and his band, what a great example of color blocking!  Also, Charlie Wilson, AKA Uncle Charlie,  has a new album out you can get your copy of ‘Love, Charlie’ here.

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