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21 August 2013

Seafoam sheer lace with a sweetheart neckline, ruched at the hips and waist.  Perfectly capped sleeves that could be worn day to night. This dress ticked every box. Form fitting enough for date-night yet still conservative to be worn at the office. I was looking for something to wear to a wedding and quickly convinced myself this dress’ price tag was worth every penny and swore I’d wear again + again.  But, thanks to social media and of course the wedding photos themselves, there were about a bazillion photos of me in the dress and now I feel like I’ve worn it 500 times over.  Ask me if I’ve worn the dress again? Nope, stayed in the back of my closet ever since.

Sound familiar? Enter Which should be filed under “why the hell didn’t I think of that.” Vaunte was founded by two former Vice Presidents of Gilt Groupe, Leah Park and Christian Leone.

“After doing research we realized that 80% of clothing in closets went unworn. We solved this by creating Vaunte. There are so many items that women wear only one time and (in some cases) are photographed and never worn again, this is the perfect outlet.” — Co-Founder Christian Leone.

Designers, editors, taste makers, and industry insiders rarely allow cameras into their closets, much less offer people the chance to purchase their covetable castoffs. Jen Mankin (owner of Bird in Brooklyn) designer Charlotte Ronson, designer Erin Fetherston, Suchin Pak, Sue Hostetler,  to name a few have all had their envious closets opened and made shoppable to Vaunte members.  I love the way the site is styled, merchandised and my voyeuristic side is indulged as Vaunte ventures into everyday lives + apartments of today’s fashion insiders. I drooled over photographer, Andrea Tese’s apartment  and of course this Chanel dress.

“We’re celebrating a new class in society of real women who are in fashion and love fashion—these are what we call ‘Starlets.’ So many platforms only highlight celebrities. We’re looking for influencers in the industry who have a personal style point-of-view that they believe in.” – Leah Park, CEO & Co-Founder

With that said, I’m totally jazzed and eager to share with you that this Sunday, August 25th I will be featured as a Vaunte Starlet!  There will also be a little Q&A about my style and favorite trends.  Here’s just a sneak peek of a few of the items that will be online, including a to-die-for pair of Miu Miu gold glittery stilettos.

Dolce & Gabanna skirt, woodgrain Celine sunnies, stop him in his tracks Miu-Miu shoes (a bride needs these) and a classic Hermes scarf.

Dolce & Gabanna skirt, woodgrain Celine sunnies, stop him in his tracks Miu-Miu heels (a bride needs these) and a classic Hermès scarf.

Behind the scenes shot taken by the amazing Vaunte crew. More to come on Sunday. Yes, that is Camus's The Plauge. It was the only book on my shelf that matched!

Behind the scenes shot taken by the amazing Vaunte crew at my digs in Nolita.   More to come on Sunday!   + Yes, that is Camus’s The Plague. Not the most appropriate reading for the set, but it was the only book on my shelf that matched!


You can sign up for here and let me know what you think of the feature!  Also, if you want to sell your own goods, Vaunte just launched their Vaunte App where members can sell your own luxury goods by simply taking a couple of pictures on your phones.


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