My girl likes to party all the time

17 October 2012

Highly orchestrated, often thematic, I love throwing a good party. Even more so with the advent of digital invitations where I can obsessively design, send, track RSVP’s and post-event, follow-up with handwritten thank you’s. Not to mention, it’s totally the eco-conscious way to go while saving me a trip to the ever unpleasant post-office.  Earlier this week, my go-to-digital invitation site PaperlessPost launched PAPER. Perfectly marrying my love of both the digital invite and handwritten personalization. Further proving that none of us live in a completely digital world and sometimes we want the option to mix and match.

We’re approaching holiday party season, so before  you go and send another clip-art’esque E-vite; peruse PaperlessPost’s artist collaborations Kate Spade, Bernard Maisner, Mr. Boddington’s and my favorite, John Derian. (then trot on over to his store in the East Village.) The options are endless, and now your digital invitations can match your stationery!

And remember whether it’s yes or no, always RSVP!  We’re trying to plan a party here!  

a few of my favorites:

“There is this ongoing debate in popular culture about whether paper is dead or whether we should honor traditional means of formal communication. The reality is that we live in a hybrid world and very few people want to be confined exclusively to one or the other.” —James Hirschfeld, Co-Founder of Paperless Post.

I love sharks, but I love more. order, eat + thank me later.


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