object of affection: the snood

23 August 2012

My affinity for the snood developed solely out of my sheer inability to successfully tie a scarf.  As you may recall in the recent fall fashion post, layering wasn’t a strong suit.

The snood, however, is practically foolproof even for those just off the sailboat from Florida, or for the ones who cannot be bothered with mastering the bunny ear or the double rainbow.  Simply and effortlessly the snood loops around your neck, snuggling your neck and noggin all at once.

Sometimes called “circle” or “infinity” scarves, there are a myriad of variations:  faux-fur, cashmere, alpaca, hand-crocheted, and even a few affixed with hoods for extra chilly nights, bad hair days or the impromptu stake-out.

Here are a few of my favorites:

start left and go right*
Cuyana at Ahalife Alpaca Infinity Scarf // Intermix Baby Alpaca Cable Knit Snood //All Saints Takizen Nep Hood Snood, similar here.  // TopShop Fine Knit Cable Snood // Hailing from Chi-town: Etsy Shanionie Red Chunky Cable // Space Dye for you Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic folk. // J.Crew Marled Knit // DVF Brennah Printed Silk Snood // Stars Shining Bright at Stopshop Cross Burnout Snood.  The End.
*when is it any other way? 

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