objects of affection: the balloon

25 July 2012

this will be one of many posts devoted to my love of mylar.

dream job: master balloon artist, Jihan Zencirli of geronimo balloons.

yes, she’s the one in the not-at-all-awkward tampax “stand out” adverts.

art: this man knows his inflatables: Jeff Koons: currently in Basel.

my kinda pet. photo: nytimes.

gift: your friend an obscene arrangement of helium from TriBeCa’s Balloon Saloon. balloon drops, singing balloons or if your friend is funky, who knew: there’s a balloon for that.

tip this dude well. photo: fred r. conrad

go: Adirondack Balloon Festival  Sept 20-23, 2012. BBQ, crafts, live music, and what?!  balloons shaped like a purple people eater + a giant strawberry. zipcar upstate, anyone?

romantical, eh?

random: Rick Ross demands his dressing room filled with diamond colored balloons + icy rosé champs.

i made that up.

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