Outer Space is having a moment

31 August 2012

Earlier this week Will.i.am serenaded the stars by beaming a recorded song back to earth from outer space using NASA’s biggest rover ever, the “ Curiosity.”  

The Will.i.am + NASA collaboration isn’t just another re-branding celebrity stunt either, it’s a valiant effort to make  science, technology, engineering and math more attractive to kids.

Will.i.am told an audience of engineers and students in Pasadena, California, that he humbly recognizes his place as a musician but emphasized his appreciation and admiration for all that scientists and engineers have done to get him where he is today. Referencing Nikola Tesla, who invented the radio and new-age engineers like Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter.  He said, “today is about inspiring young people to lead a life without limits placed on their potential and to pursue collaboration between humanity and technology.”

From art, to fashion to the ever-present nail art everyone lately is looking a little starry-eyed.  Here are a few of my cosmic finds:

NASA’s wildly popular instagram feed: @nasagoddard  You must check it out if you aren’t already, just a few of my favorites:

Astronaut Charles Conrad Jr., Apollo 12 self-snap.

Mars going into flip-mode in the night sky.

hubble peeping some star clusters

Last year was all about the five-point star print that Dolce & Gabbana drenched everyone in, but this year we’re going further, more cosmic galaxy inspired prints.  Why have just one star when you can have them all?

Skirts handmade by ShandowNYC: Space inspired clothing in nebula + galaxy prints.  Moonrock and Crimson Galaxy pictured.  Shorts with leather trim by RomWe.

Galaxy Garments: Designer, Oliva Marie was a NASA intern and self-proclaimed “galaxy chaser.” She uses actual images from the Hubble telescope for her designs.

Olivia hand designed the featured  dress in this post + this adorable clutch.  How about a bowtie for fancier occasions, perhaps a Bows and Bowtie party?

Lastly, a little bit of art.  Ignacio Torres’s Stellar project, a series of animated GIFs picturing men and women seemingly floating amid sparkling stars.  He creates images to capture the essence of what we really are made out of “stardust.”  A little bit more about this incredible project here.


Today’s post is dedicated to the kid is all of us, and to remember to Reach for the Stars.

Anything have you starstruck lately or left you a little starry-eyed?

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