11 December 2012

Recently I’ve found myself pouring through the Dear Photograph website. If you’re not familiar allow me to introduce you:  In May 2011, Taylor Jones, the author of Dear Photograph, gave the world a simple mission: Find an old photograph, return to the original location and snap a new image while holding up the old picture.

“I see how much we are all traveling on the same page, appreciating days gone by and cherishing the moments by paying more attention to what is happening right now.” – Taylor Jones

The sentimental captions offer a glimpse into the person’s past juxtaposed with the present.  The captions are often funny, charming and at times even heart-breaking.  They begin with “Dear Photograph” as if speaking straight to the subject, recalling child-hood memories, cherished moments and reminders of the ones we love.

With the holiday season approaching, perhaps instead of an ironic kitschy knickknack, with no real value or use, really think about what you’re giving.

Now, I’m not calling to completely eradicate material gifting or possessions–nor dare I say shiny sparkly things aren’t on my holiday wish-list–however, what I do propose is an effort to return to what means the most: a focus on the precious time we have together.  Take small steps, say you’re giving a new pair of shoes, include a with a handwritten note + the promise of weekly walks together hand in hand. You get the idea.

A few of my favorite Dear Photographs below, and available in hardcover here.

Dear Photograph – Why did we watch TV so close? – Simon

Dear Photograph, I fell in love with a woman. I’m not ready to let go… but she is. McKenzie Dillingham

Dear Photograph, Now I can swim all by myself. I love you dad. Sarah

Dear Photograph, Please tell mom we are there with her in spirit, picking up seashells on her favorite beach. Love, Kari and Lyna

Dear Photograph, There will never be an age that I don’t need my mom…or her hand to hold. Love then, love now, love always, Sara

Dear Photograph, Letting go of my mother’s hand the first day of school was always the hardest. Liz

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