Remembering Your Way

11 September 2014

With memories, they say if you don’t try to remember them then you’ll forget. Details begin to fade, names disappear, things just get fuzzy. 

Over the course of the day we’ll see hashtags and posts about “remembering 9-11.” Reminding us “not to forget” and to preserve the memory of that day.

Which reminds me of an exchange I overheard a couple of weeks ago. A little girl yelled out to her brother “Rosa Parks” as she sped past him jumping into the front seat of their parent’s mini-van. Calling “shot-gun” has apparently become passé and just doesn’t have the same historical panache as “Rosa Parks.”  As the van pulled away, I just stood there for a couple of seconds, rationalizing what I had heard. On one hand, I understood the comparison of the “dibs” on the front seat in association with the brave woman who took a bold stance of protest against segregation. And on the other hand, I wondered if little Suzy even knew who Rosa Parks was, what she stood for and how her game of wanting the front seat seemed to belittle her actions completely.

Which leads me to leaving you with remembering your feelings and thoughts on September 11th, 2001 and if you have children who weren’t around on that fateful day, I encourage you to share your memories with them as well.

For those that are in New York or are recent ex-pats like myself, a few excerpts from my favorite Tumblr: Reasons to Love New  York.

reasons to love new york NYC Tumblr


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