Shoes like Candy: Sophia Webster

18 June 2013

The greige weather and my mood called for a bit of candy rain in the form of pom-poms, sprinkles, colorful glass beads and Yayoi Kasuma inspired polka dots courtesy of up and coming shoe designer, Sophia Webster.

Webster’s designs are a true departure from the simple ankle strap sandals we’ve seen all season long from Céline, Steve Madden* and everything in between.  Her shoes are a spoonful of sugar curing the recent Alexander Wang and Céline’s Phoebe Philo melancholy monotonous muted palettes. (Trust me, this is coming from a girl who thinks light gray and dark gray count as color, I’m embracing it!)  Even if you can’t stray from your black on black on black,  a pair of Sophia Webster’s add the perfect punch.

“I like to bring out the little girl who likes to dress up.”

Webster studied fine art and apprenticed under the master himself, Nicholas Kirkwood, before stepping into her own heels and running this shoe game. She doesn’t look to the typical inspiration such as runway and other designers, instead she leans on pop culture icons for a refreshing, colorful approach.  The girl gives credit where credit is due too.  As a perfect example, these heavenly heels inspired by Rihanna:  The RiRi were just unveiled on the diva herself. Baaa-zinga.

“I tend not to look to other designers as a source of inspiration; it muddies what you’re trying to do, I’d rather look at an artist or listen to inspiring music.” – Sophia Webster.

I snatched up these little bubble-gum + plastic sweethearts from Net-A-Porter who at the looks of it is having a mighty good sale on her spring line: head over and prepare to drool, swoon, + OMG.  Neiman Marcus has a few Fall for pre-order, but skip these: meh and more yah!

sophia webster neon green sophia webster sophia webster black and white polka dot



and of course she's as knockout beautiful as her shoes, the designer: Sophia Webster

Oh, of course she’s as knockout beautiful as her shoes, the designer sporting her own goods.


sophia webster sequins sophia webster heart toes sophia webster tassell


*PS:  Despite my cynicism and in the event I get busted wearing them this weekend, I have these Steve Madden’s in practically every color They are simple and relatively inexpensive go-tos.  I highly recommend.

**P.S.S: I realize this was a bit hard on Céline, but serioulsy – it’s tipped.

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