Solange Continues to Win My Heart, in Pictures.

9 September 2013

Before attending a concert, I drown myself in every album the artist has ever made ensuring I am able to sing along with any song thrown my way.  I want to know every word, every beat, because it makes for a much more enjoyable experience.  Take for example, the Beyonce concert I went to a few weeks back. I started with Destiny’s Child, B’Day, “4,” but found myself changing my tunes between Bey and Solange, her baby sister.  Deep down, I secretly hoped Jay-Z would not make a cameo that had been rumored to happen that night at the Barclay’s Center, but of a Solange appearance instead.  A sister duet!  To my dismay, neither the Jay-Z or Solange made guest appearances, but I had a lovely time all the same.

Solange is like the quirky, oddly beautiful kid-sister.  I don’t want to compare the sisters, but I just really could envision myself being Solange’s  friend.  Solange and I would break it down at the bar when Debbie Deb’s, Look Out Weekend comes on without skipping a beat. She clearly has a penchant for 80’s roller-rink tunes, have you heard “Locked in Closets?” Exactly.  She seems sensitive and would understand I needed help matching my paisley with my polka dots, or if that was even a good idea at all. Perhaps she’d even let me borrow something to ease my way out of a drab black wardrobe.

The Solange girl crush reached an all time high when I came across her Tumblr, MyDamnBlog.  She posts updates on her tropical whereabouts, travels and afroementioned pattern-mixing, but above all her own photograhy.  These are not iPhone photos, heavily saturated with instagram filters; Solange uses the real-deal: film. Doesn’t hurt that Beyonce makes a few appearances, which makes me feel like I’m not cheating on my favorite.

Few epic shots including that of her edible cherub of a son, Daniel.


solange 1

please, invite me.

please, invite me.

Solange Knowles: My Damn Blog

Solange Knowles: My Damn Blog




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