Streaks of the Rainbow

11 September 2012

As we bid adieu to summer and embrace the change in seasons, I can’t help but think of a better way than with a little bit of change myself.

Aesthetically speaking… you know on the outside.  We’ll save the heavy inner beauty stuff for after New York Fashion Week.

I’ve toyed with the technicolor hair trend over the last year. Stalking cult-colorist Aura Friedman’s creations incessantly, playing dress-up with dip-dyed clip-ins, even painting a few strands with old-school Manic Panic. Then as soon as I work up enough courage to actually act on this impulse, I chicken out the minute I get into my colorist’s chair, leaving with just another variation of blonde highlights. Copper, platinum and gold are about as bold as I get in the Jess Arb  hair wheelhouse.

On the runway last week Peter Som and Nicole Miller showcased a parade of pale rainbow-hue’ed hair further instigating my desire to make the move. Faces were painted a neural palette letting the hair speak for itself: blooms of violet, streaks of aquamarine and hints of tangerine were just a few of my favorite colors.

Here are a few of my favorite tresses along with some options for you to tip-toe your way into it before you bite the rainbow bullet:

nicole miller SS 2013 nyfw

peter som SS 2013 nyfw

If baby steps are needed, here are a few options, left to right: ASOS pink + purple dip-dyed extensions and Manic Panic Wash Out Color, but careful the one pictured glows in the dark.  Pretty please none of this and don’t even think about that again.

For a few more ideas to take to your colorist, check out my pinterest board.  I’m leaning (naturally) towards hues of ocean, maybe violet – perhaps a bit of both!

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