Summer Object of Affection: The Romper

10 July 2013

Romp, Romp, Romp Around! There are a few cons I’d like to address right out of the gate with my current wardrobe obsession: The Romper, AKA the playsuit, AKA the jumper.  

First and foremost: The high level of difficulty that occurs when in need of a bathroom.  Yes, you basically have to undress to your skivvies and there’s really no quick fix for this; you must commit when you wear a romper.  Pro Tip: Add at least an extra five minutes to your bathroom break.  Second, the constant struggle with ever-present  camel toe.  We’ve all seen the girl with the big black “what not to wear” box over her eyes and her romper shorts crammed up her hoo-ha. Don’t let this dissuade you! She just hasn’t read this post yet! This one, my dear readers, is totally solvable. If you have a torso that’s half the size of your body, like mine,  then just buy a size up! I know you we all want to squeeze into the size 4 you typically wear, but a 6 won’t kill you.  Cinch a belt around your waist and you are good. to. go.

Now, for the pros: There’s a level of playfulness that you can’t really achieve when you wear a simple dress.  Rompers give you that look without feeling like a toddler. Throw some bangles on with a pair of heels and you can easily dress up the look for evening.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites beginning with my personal choice, the vintage romper:

vintage romper and vogue adored vintage

Perfect for a day in the park, this romper is from one of my favorite vintage stores: Adored Vintage in LA.  Loving the 1990’s heavy floral paired with sandals for summer and easily transition into fall with  textured tights + a chunky cardigan.  Image to the right is from Vogue, circa 1954. I’m begging to know if that’s a kimono she’s holding.  The world needs more kimonos.

vintage romper pattern

Feeling ambitious? Make your own romper using this 1970’s pattern by Butterick available at BN Vintage, also this hooded pullover with matching drawstring pants is a yes in my book. I can see myself jogging up some steps in this get-up.

vintage romper

  Could she be any cuter? The black on white print makes this an easy transition from day to night. It’s a size small and has pockets! I’m a sucker for pockets; think of all the secrets you can store in there.  Available at NOIROHIOVINTAGE on Etsy. On the right: from the adorable shop with even better styling called Shop Twitch Vintage, this little ivory crochet macramé romper is too sweet.  I’d even love to see it paired with red shoes and a leopard belt, or a red belt and leopard shoes.  You get the idea.

for Evening: Throw a leather jacket or a crisp white blazer over your shoulders and it’s an instant class.  I even love the look of playsuits (typically pants, cropped at the ankle) with sky-high heels for a black-tie alternative.

Camille Row for Tank Magazine. SportyFancy.

Camille Row for Tank Magazine. Sporty/Fancy. Where’s her helmet?

costume national and rent the runwayFrom the runway at Costume National to Rent the Runway’s Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Ruffle Romper.  I’d suggest skipping the silver shoes and go for something more daring like a pair of Sophia Webster’s, or, if that’s too much for you, stick with a simple pair of nude heels.

Diane Von Furstenburg Romper shot by Tommy Ton for Harper's Bazaar.

The LBD has been retired and even Diane Von Furstenburg is romping around.  Sound the alarms when this hits stores, god knows I’ll be owning it.  Shot by Tommy Ton for Harper’s.


Let me see you shake it in your rompers! Take a picture on instagram and hashtag it #oceanviolet.  I’ll be posting them on the new oceanviolet instagram debuting soon 🙂

tumblr_mpmsljwyOR1r6qguso2_250 tumblr_mpmsljwyOR1r6qguso1_250

featured images: 1) Natalie Cantell shot by StreetPeeper, 2) BEY love rompers, playsuits, onesies pictured @ Art Basel Miami; 3)  floral romper by Cecilia.

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