Summer Reminiscing

1 October 2012

With limited closet space, my wardrobe is usually arranged by season.  Since Fall is officially here, my weekend was dedicated to swapping bikinis and flip flops for snoods and riding boots. But before I go all pumpkin everything on you, let’s take a look back at what was one of the best summers to date.  

Instead of summering in the Hamptons, I opted for Central New York. Apparently the Clintons started vacationing in Skaneateles, the “crown jewel” of the FingerLakes, back when Bill was in office. So, I can’t say I started any travel trend, but I can give you a few highlights and if you ever find yourself in the area, do yourself a favor and check out a few of these spots:

Left to right:  The GREAT New York State Fair, chocolate milk from Bryne Dairy.// Run on the CreekWalk in downtown Syracuse.// O Yoga, try Monday night hip-hop. Crow pose just seems easier to Biggie. Get there early. Leah, save me a spot. // Wegman’s Choose Your Own Adventure with beer!   Anna shares my excitement of this Disneyland Supermarket. // “Walt” the Loch West Monster, installation by Brendan Rose Syracuse artist in residence, the city’s first! Yah! Public Art! // The Niagara Mohawk Bulding, “shining” example of classic art deco architecture. Simply beautiful, especially when illuminated at night. // Sunflowers symbolize summer, wouldn’t you agree? // Instagramming Instagram, so Meta.//Ballooon art drop. // Sunday walks. // Al’s –  “Just Bring an Honest Face.” Still pondering meaning. // morning sunrise on Skaneateles Lake. eat here. // Carousel Mall  all grown up + would now like to be called “Destiny. ” No comments, please. Well, one — get an Orange Julius! // dime store cookies; Wegmans bulk candy, heaven. // when it rains, it shines.// sushi rolling, recipe here, thank you sister-in-law. // Clear skies. //  Ithaca Falls, make sure you take a dip too. // Featured Image: The Everson Museum of Art.


Anything you think I should add to my list for next summer?

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