Take a Hike

3 June 2014


Summer is almost in full swing, and if you’re not jitney’ing out to the Hampton’s or ferry’ing it to Fire Island every weekend,  I highly suggest checking out New York State’s GET OUT Campaign. i.e) Actually paying attention to the advertisements in the subway and getting the hell out of town.

I did just that this past weekend with a trek to The Adirondack Mountains near Lake Placid. Anyone reading this that knows me well, you are probably shaking your head envisioning my less than graceful self hiking up a mountain. But I’m here living and writing about it to let you know —  it was magical. I needed a good dose of nature and where other than hiking up + down a mountain could I find it? Fresh air and endless vistas made me feel anew. My hamstrings on the other-hand… someone remind me upon my next trek to invest in something other than Nike Flyknits when jumping over brooks, streams and topsy turvy stones did make for a few awkward bambi moments.

A few links for your plotting and planning:

  • The I Love New York travel guide: broken out by season. This sounds right up my alley:  Sonnenberg Gardens Roses and Rose, any takers?
  • Word on the hiking trail is Chacos are the best shoes — anyone care to agree? disagree?
  • Plan your next adventure: Go Off-Metro 
  • If you’re going to stay outside, say in a tent, stock up on supplies from Best Made Co. They do make the prettiest axe around.
  • Or, just go for a walk outside your doors and play a species identification drinking game? Grab naturalist Leslie Day’s Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City. Who knew we had such an array of flora and fauna inside our concrete jungle.
  • If you find yourself near Lake Placid, I highly recommend staying at the Whiteface Lodge nestled in Adirondack Park. It was the most glamorous log cabin I’ve ever rested my head. Wood-beamed exterior, cozy carpet-strewn sitting rooms and cast-iron fireplaces, after a long hike it was as cozy as home. Not to mention, the in-house restaurant, Kanu, was exceptionally delicious. 

If you need further proof, studies show that a walk outside can keep you trim in the waist and even spur creativity!

Featured photo: by me! The vistaphile I’ve become atop Bald Peak Mountain.


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