14 April 2014

A quick google search with the phrase, “I am thankful for,” renders seemingly obvious autocorrects including:

I am thankful for autocorrect

I too am thankful for all of these, even fish!  Instead of rattling off what I’m thankful for today, I was inspired by a recent New York Times article about the Found Art of Thank You’s, to sit down and write a few thoughtful words to those that deserve my gratitude.  It wasn’t, necessarily, that these people did anything for me but, for example, in one instance it was how someone made me feel: welcome, comforted, included, and just happy. Simple.

My favorite line in the article: “A text message just doesn’t cut it.”  Efficient? Yes.  Effective? Not really.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite stationery and every grown-ass man/woman should own a set! Buy an inky pen, some stamps and send one this week to someone you’re thankful for.

  • The quirky yet classic:  Mr. Boddington’s Social Stationery.  Choose any of the boxsets and you’re golden.  There’s even a section for the gentlemen.  Side-note: if you’re the type that goes rouge on gift registries, the city alphabet prints are just too adorable for any nursery.
  • Make it personal:  A unique vintage pink rose adorns this set of 24 personalized note cards by Kayleigh Dumond.  You can choose cursive or all caps, whatever you fancy. I really love the honeybee + the whale, too.
  • Get artsy (and my personal favorites) from MaraMi , a 2-person shop made up of: Marilyn + Mimi = Mara-Mi.  I own a few of these sets and they are so thick + luxurious begging you to pen something clever inside. I am particularly fond of the cranes that line the inside liner. It’s all in the details.   The Monaco Collection combines watercolor and the cranes, bingo!
  • For the flower girl in all of us: Rifle Paper Co. How about a floral adorned monogram set?
  • Instagram rockstar? Why not make yourself a set with your memories from Prinstagram? I actually just made a set for a friend who takes the most adorable flics of her puppy, his face was meant to be on greeting cards.  You can upload any photos you want, it doesn’t have to be just from Instagram.  The cards arrive on beautiful cardstock, with sturdy brown Kraft envelopes.

I’ve written about being thankful before here on OceanViolet, be sure to read: “The New Thank You.

Featured Image: My own personal collection of stationery. I love throwing little trinkets in with the note, even if it means I have to add another stamp to ensure its safety!

What are you thankful for? (Tell me in the comments!)

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