The Color of Your Aura

16 December 2014

It was one of those rare workday afternoons when my coworkers and I ate lunch together then leisurely walked back to the office. Our offices were centrally located at the crossroads of TriBeCa and Chinatown where a left could get you authentic dim sum and a right could take you to a champagne only bar.  New York City dichotomy at its finest. 

On this particularly sunny March afternoon we decided to hang a left, passing Magic Jewelry, in Chinatown. where Alison suggested an office “field trip” to get our auras read.

We entered the shop, past the potions, lotions and magic healing crystals to be greeted by the store’s feng shui master. She explained we’d enter the makeshift photo booth individually, place our hands on metal sensors and then take our picture.  Magic Jewelry’s camera uses a photographic process discovered in the 1930s by a Russian electrical engineer named Semyon Kirlian. A Kirlian photograph captures a person’s naturally occurring electric field. Believers say that the resulting rainbow reveals a person’s aura, according to the New York Times.

The photography technique is essentially a very fancy Polaroid camera that allows biofeedback to be transmitted through sensors (those metal plates I placed my hands upon) which when exposed to  film, gives off a cloud of colors on your portrait.

My portrait was mostly greens and purples with a large ominous black cloud over my head. To even an untrained eye, that couldn’t have been good, and was rather unnerving.  As the store owner read my aura, she told me it changes every 21 days. (Good news!) The greens meant communicative  and in control. Yes! My purple haze was chalked up to overprotectiveness of someone, something, “your heart? She questioned? My heart, ha! I guiltily thought about the chocolate chip cookies in my purse that I just didn’t want to share with anyone. She said the dark cloud wasn’t a good sign, “very negative,” and recommended a few of the crystals/stones to help as talismans.

I came across a few beautiful portrait projects using the Kirlian photograph technique, including my friend Alison’s below from our field-trip. There’s also a few travelling aura photographers like, RADIANT HUMAN which is available for events, pop-ups, and openings.  I could totally see aura photography and readings replace photo-booths at weddings.

portraits by Radiant Human.

Portraits by Radiant Human. Red– strength, courage, will power. Purple– creative, visionary, unconventional.

In The Portrait Machine Project, photographer Carlo Van de Roer explores the idea that a camera can reveal otherwise hidden facets of a subject’s character, and their relationship with the photographer and viewer.  His subjects–friends, family, artists Miranda July, Terence Koh and Aurel Schmidt, author James Frey to name a few.  In his first book, Van de Roer prompts us to question what we expect from a portrait, particularly when it’s of someone we think we know. You can purchase his book here.

Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia  by Carlo Van de Roer in “The Portrait Machine Project”

Miranda July shot by Photographer Carlo Van de Roer

Miranda July shot by Photographer Carlo Van de Roer


I’d be happy with any of these colors.

This may not be for everyone, but I read my Susan Miller horoscope like a religion, jump over cracks in the sidewalk and lean towards the metaphysical.  It was quite a fascinating experience to have my chakra energy level read and learn about the color energy that I possessed. If nothing else, Aura photography is a beneficial tool for self awareness. I ended up sharing those chocolate chip cookies with the girls on the walk back to work.

How to get your aura read:

  • Visit Magic Jewelry in New York City: 238 Canal Street
  • Follow Radiant Human, they may be in your hometown soon.
  • See if there’s a local aura photographer in your area. Lucky Syracuse, I found Aura-Reflections by Linda Bloser just around the corner. She is definitely making an appearance at my next birthday party.
  • Of course there’s an app for new age, spiritual and religious investigation, for $1.99 you can use the Aura Photography app to see what your hues mean.
  • Purchase the Aura 6000 camera, read a few books = voila!



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