The Devil is in the Details

17 September 2012

There is a huge emphasis on the attention to detail here at OceanViolet, as I have always been drawn to the tiniest, minute intricacies in all facets of design.

Last year, I spent a day visiting The Art Institute of Chicago including the permanent Thorne Miniature Rooms exhibit and became totally enchanted by my visit. 68 teensy-tiny rooms are affixed with classic French and English period furniture and details ranging from the 1500’s to the early 1920’s. Door knobs turn, rocking chairs rock and light bulbs that switch, all constructed on a scale of one inch to one foot.  Socialite, Mrs. James Ward Throne and obvious fan of lilliputian magic commissioned architects to create historically accurate settings of her personal sketches which included castles, museums and homes.

This love of all things small has made its way over the last few years into art, photography, sculpture and even jewelry.  The tiniest details do not go unnoticed and continue to enchant and inspire.

I’ll start out this mini-montage with Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals.  Her creations are making their way to NYC in October for the Autumn Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center, and you can believe I’ll be getting my paws on a few of her pieces.  Many of Lisa’s designs can be customized for a perfectly personalized piece of wonderment.

“Marriage Vow: A Beautiful Leap Into the Unknown”

“In case of Dullness, Blow”

Photography: Miniature “faking it” effects using the “diorama” setting on the point + shoot cameras as well as the wildly popular use of instagram’s blur tilt-shift effect.  A few of my very own instagram photos below that I recently printed into an adorable little trio of bite-size books using Printstagram:

Gaudí’s Park Guell in Barcelona

brooklyn view of manhattan

spinner at genting highlands

bridesmaid got mini’ed.

Books: I recently came across bestselling author and artist Slinkachu’s new book (perfect gift idea) Little People: The Global Model Village captures the imagination in an extraordinary collection of photographs taken around the world. This video offer’s a quick peek inside:

Microworlds by Margherita Dessanay + Marc Valli: Reveals how all kinds of visual artists (contemporary artists, street artists, photographers and even product designers) are using miniatures and miniaturized worlds in order to create startling situations and memorable images.


Finally, leave it to Esty to full-fill all of your dreams, big or small.

Around your neck: “Have a Happy Day” Locket Pendant.  Balloons and sweet little man included:


Summer Love” 8×10 Print: Two young lovers embracing in a field of rolling emerald colored hills and rows of Lavender. We’ve all been there, right?  Maybe minus the rows of lavender.

Summer Love: Lavender Romance

I think this quote referring to Lisa Swerling’s work really sheds light on finding delight in the tiniest details:

They are beautiful, imaginative and surprising works that display tiny little people grappling with small, medium and big issues…In a world where we daily crush headlong into harsh vicissitudes how joyful it is to stop and look at ourselves in miniature proportions. We are all human after all.” 

Credit where credit is due: Spinner photo by Teddy O Ted; Wedding inspiration photo from OnceWed.  Featured image also by Lisa Swerling Waiting for Inspiration. Fitting, isn’t it?

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