The Lonesome Whale

10 November 2012

Quite sometime ago I read about the loneliest whale in the world, who sings at a sound frequency so high that no other whales can respond.  “Imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, and hearing no response.”

Scientists still haven’t even fully classified the “52-Hertz” whale, calling him a “gray” species-unknown.  I wonder if he knows so many people regularly check in on his migration whereabouts. His last spotting was earlier this year, just off the coast of Alaska you guessed it, swimming alone.  Perhaps, the 52-Hertz whale’s resilience should be viewed as inspiration. For over 20 years of bellowing unanswered songs into the depths of the ocean,  he continues to sing on.

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