the “new” thank you

22 July 2012

Everything I’ve ever wanted to know about someone I can judge through their choice of stationery.

Particularly when it comes to thanking someone, I am a strong advocate of the handwritten letter.  A level of thoughtfulness is conveyed through the inky correspondence. The perfect string of words to recall a memory, the stamp placement, the return address (front or back?), and the anticipation as the letter makes its journey to the recipient’s mailbox.

Crane & Co, Mr. Boddington and Kate’s Paperie aside, there are situations that call on a “New” thank you.  We now want to be thanked or “gifted” with items that represent our personalities, our passions and support our communities. Trust me, no one wants another Starbucks giftcard.

I’m constantly asked “what should I get my client, my sister, my girlfriend, my accountant.  Well, here are a few of my  favorite go-to’s.  I guarantee that awkward cycle of “thanking the person who sent the thank you” will ensue:


1. Kickstarter Donations
Help fund a project that’s meaningful and personal by donating on their behalf. Avid bicyclist sweating on his morning commute? Check out Faraday Portuer.  Passionate urban-gardener?  Grow your basil in  Windowsill Garden.

2. Chelsea Market Baskets
Foodie? Former New Yorker? Chelsea Baskets showcase a real taste of New York delivered straight to their front door.  I’m partial to the “Brooklyn-born” ensemble that includes McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix.

3. Insomnia Cookies
Warm cookies that arrive with fresh milk, boxed neatly and tied with a big brown satin bow. Save me a bite, please.

4.  Apple Store – Cards App
A recent stay at a friend’s summerhouse resulted in this beautiful photo of the his backyard. I used the app to create a beautiful card that’s definitely fridge-worthy. “It’s like having your own personal letterpress in your pocket.”



  • Lauren

    I think thought behind any gift just goes such a long way. Especically in a city like New York where it’s nice to feel someone bring you down to earth.

  • Cora

    Chelsea Market baskets are to-die-for. I got one last year. All local products too, so if you’re giving to someone in NYC, it’s a sure winner.

  • Bootsy

    Feel free anyone to THANK ME with that Faraday BIKE it’s genius really.

  • Abby Garnder

    I also love the idea of giving experiences instead of things. Tickets to a concert, a play or even an activity together.

  • Babsbunny77

    Love the Kickstarter idea!!! I’ve funded a few projects on there and love getting their updates! Insomnia cookies are DELISH!

  • Elizabeth

    I also love giving the gift of pie…Independent NYC’s “Noble Crust” is my go to!

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